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We’ve just wrapped up the pool stage portion of the 2023 Rugby World Cup this morning ahead of the upcoming knockout stages this weekend with a wonderful Fiji v Portugal showdown that has determined both of the team’s final placing status in Pool C. Although Australia may had a week-long off after a difficult campaign, but all they can hope for is for Portugal to win by eight points or more in order to score a miracle QF meeting v England.

The first half saw both sides leave without a TRY as they share the lead pie going into the break 3-3. Portugal went on to snatch the lead later on while responding well to Fiji’s fightback with another 1-2 tries. Although Portugal have won the hearts of World Rugby on what has been their first ever win in RWC history 23-24. 

But despite the close loss & the 2nd half effort, Fiji has finished 2nd in this Pool table by a small points difference of five, even though they ended up at a total of 11 points with 3rd-placed Australia. That means, Fiji will take on England next Monday at 2am AEDT while Australia is out of the Pool stages for the first time in RWC history under Coach Eddie Jones.

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