Tennis Australia News, 2021 Australian Open Section 6 R3 Men’s Singles Game: Filip Krajinovic v Daniil Medvedev

by Sports Benches

It was an easy start from Daniil Medvedev who rolled off ahead of Filip Krajinovic. The 4th seed from Russia touched the halfway point first 3-1. Although, Krajinovic began to climb from scratch on his end. But was beaten to the punch for the Stage 1 win by Medvedev 3-6. As we are about 30 minutes in of this game at Rod Laver Arena.

The start of Stage 2 in the early portions was tight going side by side. But Medvedev once again able to find the middle ground with a narrow lead 3-1. Before the Russian bridged his 2nd half run for the Stage 2 win 6-3. Having overcame a late challenge duel against Krajinovic. Just two stage wins earned within one hour & 5 mins.

Krajinovic began to make up lost time from a dissapointed first two stages. Where he fired off this time than before with a halfway lead 3-2. Medvedev began bounce back to tie 4-4 after being behind a while ago in the 3rd stage. Before Krajinovic denied Medvedev a straight set sets win route with a stage win himself 6-4. The game goes on past the two hour mark into the 4th stage. Krajinovic would want another straight mini win towards a 5th stage showdown. And come out of nowhere 3-2 like Dominic Thiem did to Nick Kyrgios last night. While Medvedev still needs one more stage win to advance in Round 4.

The 28th seed from Serbia kept the consistency up in the 1st half of Stage 4 3-1. Where Medvedev still finding ways to connect his strong first two stage runs. With a lack of feel against the Krajinovic as of late. And nothing much changed despite a late point registered from the 4th seed 2-5. With Krajinovic takes out stage 4 as well as the 2nd straight mini win. As the game will go into the 5th & final set.

Daniil Medvedev this time found a way to forget his poor 3rd & 4th stage runs. When he pulled off a comfortable early lead away from Krajinovic 3-0. He has never won a 5th set throughout his career before as heard by Jim Courier. Forunately for Medvedev he won the 5th stage for the first time 6-0. As he clean bowled Filip Krajinovic to advance in Round 4. The final score is 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 & 0-6. His next opponent will be Mackenzie McDonald from the United States.

And on Krajinovic he did not have the best 2nd half performances in the first two stages. Where the 28th seed from Serbia found a way to deny Medvedev a straight sets win at the first attempt. Before Krajinovic began to turn his form around that led to the fifth & final stage. But just fell short by only six points in the end. Great to see some courage to help himself stay in the game though. We will wish Krajinovic the best of luck when he returns in Melbourne next year.

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