Tennis Australia News, 2021 Australian Open 1st Semi-Final Men’s Singles Game: Novak Djokovic v Aslan Karatsev

by Sports Benches

It’s been a competitive semi-final meeting so far for Novak Djokovic & Aslan Karatsev. When these guys fired off side by side. Having won a few points each towards the initial halfway mark. But Karatsev stalled however with a lack of feel in the next run. While Djokovic dominant at the same time as his decline. As the Serbian wins Stage 1 6-3.

Nothing much changed for a while when Djokovic still dominant to keep himself distanced away from Karatsev. He was just narrowly ahead of the Russian 2-1. Before he was almost close to win Stage 2 easily at the 1st attempt. But Karatsev did not give up though with the fightback. When he almost denied Djokovic his possible 2nd stage win altogether. Despite some great courage in return. He was still so short in the end by Djokovic for the Stage 2 win 6-4. Aslan Karatsev needs to balance consistency if he was to win the 3rd stage. As well as Stages 4 & 5 for a harder route for the Final.

Djokovic grabbed the early headstart 2-0 to begin the 3rd stage of play. But Karatsev halted his progress with two points to tie the lead before the Serbian reached the halfway line first 3-2. Before Djokovic bridged a decent next run. Where he able to find the sweet spot & execute his finishing well in the end. Novak Djokovic is now a finalist of the 2021 Australian Open. After this win in straight sets.

The final score was done in one hour and 53 minutes: 6-3, 6-4 & 6-2.

It may not be the night Karatsev unable to continue his fairytale run out of nowhere. He already has the foundations to build each set in which pressured Djokovic on occasions. Not bad at all in the 1st half run. But a lack of 2nd half executions ultimately cost him the game in the end. Bugger not to see Karatsev make it. We wish him good luck.

And well played on Djokovic tonight where he was so good to clean Karatsev out in straight sets. His 2nd half runs was the strongest where he executed so well. And closed out Karastev on each portions. Mainly the 1st and 3rd ones are easier. After he always fired off side by side with Karastev. The 2nd set was the hardest he can overcome though. But he is now here as a finalist. He will either face either Daniil Medvedev or Stefanos Tsitsipas this Sunday.

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