Rugby News: 2021 Super Rugby AU WK2 Match Report, Reds v Rebels

by Sports Benches

Reds made the early mistake as soon as the game started. Where Taniela Tupou unable to release the tackle. As the Melbourne Rebels took the three points.

When Matt Toomua found enough distance inside the goalposts. Hunter Paisami got a good read to ground Toomua for the Reds turnover. But lost another three points when the Reds struggled to get going. As Toomua makes up this mistake for the penalty goal.

Halfway into the first 40 and the Reds take their first points in account. They are able to stop the Rebels maul from their own half. As well as a crack to make up lost time upfront. Although it may not be a touchdown at the first attempt. But a dangerous tackle from Cabous Eloff gave them a reprieve. With an easy penalty goal executed from James O’Connor.

Despite some progress the Reds continue to struggle in the discipline. With the three points pulled away against them. As Matt Toomua successfully sorted out the penalty goal. So the Rebels extend their lead to six points after 25 minutes of play.

Reds still unable to sort out a way to get through the gate. Having been rebuffed by the Rebels defense. There is little support in hand to help their cause. In which despite able to intercept the Rebels line out. The communication is still disjointed. Where Lachie Anderson made them release the ball. Before Matt Toomua extended another three points. As the kicking to goal still remains accurate.

The only way Reds can do is via penalty goals. Where James O’Connor began to eat the Rebels lead by six points. With just a minute spare in the first 40. No tries made from each side so far. But it is Melbourne Rebels 12-6 Reds at the break.

Reds continued to see both units disconnected. Especially when Tate McDermott went offside at maul. Despite a successful throw in beforehand. With Matt Toomua extended the Rebels lead by 16-5. Thanks to a successful penalty goal.

There is improved progressed at last from the Reds. They took advantage of the Rebels who began to decline. After a great first 40 from the away team. Before the line-out was good. Where Alex Mafi kept the maul square until the end. When the starting hooker sorted out the touchdown.

The scoreline saw the Reds close on by two points behind Rebels. But fallen back by five after the Reece Hodge penalty goal. The discipline was not extra careful from the Reds. Having continued to leak points from the Rebels successful penalty goals. Before it gets worse when Feao Fotuaika slammed hard on Richard Hardwick. And the referee red carded Fotuaika on the spot with 20 mins left.

Despite the 14 men Queensland able to close the lead by 2 points. Thanks to the Rebels offside. As James O’Connor got the penalty kick straight this time. But the discipline still not turned around. When Matt Toomua pushed their hopes down to five points. Eventually the Reds able to lead for the first time tonight. 23-21 with two mins left to go. After a very long patient run to crack the Rebels defense.

Hunter Paisami made a dangerous tackle on Frank Lomani. And his ill-discipline antics almost cost the game for the Queensland Reds. But Matt Toomua unable to get the final penalty kick into the goalposts. Instead it went very left shy away from the sticks. As the Reds left it almost late to haunt the Melbourne Rebels. The Full-Time score is 23-21.

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