Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby AU WK3: Top 3 players from the Waratahs v Western Force game

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Tim Anstee is one of the superstars tonight in the Force shirt. He is age 23 who plays blindside flanker at No.6.

He is happy with the requirements needed to produce. When Tim came in to look after his defensive play. So the Waratahs cannot slip past the Force own field. Got a good look at what they play. And helped his troops nail down the ball to turnover.

Communication not just important to protect the Force defense. And wipe away the Waratahs executions. He can apply the same traits going forward. When Tim has that tall reach & physicality to run.

A good example of his version of attacking approach. That would be once again as said earlier communication. You see Jeremy Thrush offload him with the inside pass. Then Tim activates his attacking instincts through the gate. It might not be the touchdown the first time. But at least he was not isolated. When he found Fergus Lee Warner for the big finish.

Although Anstee did get the touchdown himself later on. There is also talk up where it is an important aspect to test in any sport. Tim got a good read on how to split the Tahs defense. Before the Force line out was good. And you can see a brilliant offload immediately. As Tim exactly planned it right on the money.

It was Tim Anstee’s first start of the 2021 Super Rugby AU. After he made some minutes two weeks ago at home v Brumbies. He is settling very well into the XV game from the 7s tour. Gives him the tools of using the physicality & pace on all areas. And his run tonight shows that he can make a name for himself in Super Rugby. He is still learning from guys who played at International level. That will be a big benefit for his career in the long run.

Fergus Lee-Warner

Another Western Force star who stands out is Fergus Lee-Warner. He stars in a robust forwards unit with Tim Anstee.

He has got the tall height to look at the Tahs attacking setup. The home team lost these chances. Before he was able to help his troops turnover the ball. Thanks to the support he needed to form those blocks.

And he pays them the same work rate in the attack. Just like Fergus need a lot of powerful bodies to cancel the Tahs potential touchdowns. Used the physical trait and some pace in the final third.

Where you see Tim Anstee also running on the same page as Fergus. After a brilliant inside pass from veteran Jeremy Thrush on his opposite lock role. Gave his hand up to Anstee. With excellent talk up to let Fergus find his touchdown zone himself.

It goes to show that he is such an all-rounder in the Force side. Possessing all of the above attributes needed to produce a winning run. Especially when he follows their lead off captain Brynard Stander.

Well done on looking after his troops and help back himself up. In case of what the Tahs throw at them in return. Before presenting their own version. And wows them with valuable points on the board.

Jack Dempsey

It is hard yet again to see the Waratahs got shut down short. Despite some improved progress tonight. After coming here with two heavy defeats beforehand.

The one individual player who puts so much effort is Jack Dempsey. He looked after the Tahs defense with a great start.

Especially when he and his forwards unit able to spot the Force mistakes. And took their chances with the line-out. Where Dempsey was able to push the maul forward. Before giving his team-mate Dave Porecki for the 1st touchdown.

So this is great team-work and direction to guide his troops upfront. Not just the mind reading off the Force missed chances on occasions. Then apply with the physical strength to turn it around.

Same thing happens when he contributes going forward. Has got the physicality to break through the Force dummies. Just not enough support hand ups around him to help with the consistency. Where Jack forced to be isolated. While his backline dropped the ball. And saw his troops unfortunately beaten to the punch.

Not the night he wanted when he sat down upset in the dressing room. It is not his fault. Just issues way beyond the Tahs on field performance. All they can do now is show up as a different NSW side in Week 5. As next week is their week off.

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