Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby AU WK5: Rebels v Waratahs Report

by Sports Benches

Melbourne Rebels took the lead at the first attempt. With the penalty goal ticked off between the sticks. Thanks to Matt Toomua who grabbed three-points for the Rebels at home. 3-0 after five minutes.

While the Waratahs were inpatient going forward. They lost a couple of penalties so far tonight. As the Rebels able to capitalize in return. Thanks to a great setup from Pone Faamasulli. Having found Stacey Ili breaking through. Before Ili assisted Tom Pincus & finally Lachie Anderson with the touchdown. Rebels now 10-0 ahead of Waratahs by the 15th min.

Nothing much changed going into the 2nd half of the first 40. Waratahs did have some chances to bounce back. But became isolated without patience via the pick & drive. As they continued to concede penalties. Plus another six points inside the goal posts for Melbourne Rebels. Waratahs trails by 16-0 with a couple of minutes before the break.

The home side able to get around the Waratahs defensive line. When the Rebels scored a 2nd big score. Credit is due from the playmaker at fly-half himself in Matt Toomua. He found the opposition weakness on the far right. Found some space through the gate. Made a cross kick. Before Toomua executed by himself towards the TRY line. Melbourne Rebels with a decent lead at half-time, 23-0.

Waratahs still yet to score despite winning some penalties. The defensive run is a great start as seen during Week 3 v Force at home. But did not make up these chances when looking for the breakthrough. While Rebels able to extend their lead a bit further. As Reece Hodge got the penalty kick right from long range into the goal. Rebels 26-0 after 55 mins.

Then the same momentum still not moving from the Waratahs. When the Melbourne Rebels able to stay patient. Thanks to a great line-out and maul from the returning Jordan Uelese. He saw the opposition weaknesses not staying square. Before he made his way towards the touch line. And registered a 3rd Rebels touchdown. They lead by 33-0 with nearly 10 minutes left.

Away team at last found a breakthrough with 3 mins to go. Waratahs won a couple of penalties as of late. There is plenty of ball carry on hand. Where Carlo Tizzano found an easy feed first to Jeremy Williams. Then to Tame Edmed, Tom Horton & Jack Maddocks. And found Williams for the Tahs 1st TRY. Followed by a 2nd late touchdown. Backup half-back Henry Robertson ran a great line through the break. Despite some controversy with the fumble there. He managed to find Tom Horton for the pass. Before he offloaded to Jack Maddocks for the late comeback.

But it is still not enough to make up lost time. As the Rebels win at home 33-12 Waratahs.

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