Rugby News, Super Rugby Trans-Tasman can go ahead thanks to the reopening of the Australia-New Zealand border

by Sports Benches

Glad to see the Super Rugby Trans-Tasman leg going ahead. When New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arderh gave the green light yesterday. So Australia and New Zealand are allowed to travel each other. Without the need to quarantine in return for just both of us.

The earliest we can travel to NZ begins on April 19. Which is just right ahead of Anzac Day on April 25. I cannot wait personally to see one of the New Zealand teams come here. And battle against the best of the Australian sides. We might be on the closing stages of the Super Rugby AU at Week 8. Two weeks of round-Robin match ups. Followed by a Qualifying Final & Final. The Aotearoa portion catches up just after six rounds of play. With four weeks left followed by the one big final.

Then we have the condensed five round competition. Plus the Final before the International Tests come in. It will be the best sides of both countries. I would love the Super Round to happen. Where all 10 teams get to play a week in the one venue. But it will not happen for just this year. Fingers crossed for 2022 though.

It does not mean we will be able to go to another state. Or pop up a weekend in the Ditch before going home on Sunday.

There is no better time right now to see Crusaders v Brumbies. Two of the best in each end. As well as Blues v Reds where they both resurged in their own domestic portions. It will benefit the best of Australia and New Zealand. Helping each other out to test these limits. Which is going to be more competitive. And even entertaining in the long-run. That would finally see the Wallabies win the silverware off NZ every few years.

Although the Super Rugby AU has been wonderful since mid-2020. You have all five Australian teams batting out for the one title. It makes most sports fans here reignite the game. With more exciting rules via the 50/22 or 22/50 kick. Plus the Goal Line Drop Out. More free kicks. And the Golden TRY through extra time.

But the only weakness is this competition runs for 10-12 weeks. Unlike the Aussie Rules & Rugby League. The full transition into a 20-24 week Trans-Tasman comp from 2022 will help. Teams such as South Africa, Argentina & Japan are not there anymore. Which saves long travel times and overnight stays up. That is no more.

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And I am saving it on Friday May 14 as the opening date. Highlanders face the Queensland Reds in Dunedin. As well as sometime during any of the five rounds on-site. We just cannot wait to watch both as a fan and update here on this blog!

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