Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby AU Qualifying Final: Brumbies v Western Force Game Report

by Sports Benches

The first 32 minutes saw both Brumbies & Western Force fight for their first points. When they struggled to find any solution to get past the touch line going forward. So far the defensive work from Western Force got them ahead. Thanks to the three-point penalty goal. But Brumbies bounced back straight away. Thanks to the advantage against the Force.

And used that opportunity to nail down the Brumbies first touchdown from Tom Wright. After the home side used the short side towards the left with no way for the Force to prevent it. At the same time Force also lost a man in right winger Toni Pulu.

Where he made a dangerous tackle on Irae Simone. And received a straight red card. Before Brumbies scored another touchdown via Tom Banks. Brumbies 14-3 Force at half-time.

Western Force began to close down the lead despite having 14 men. When their defensive setup remained key to their strengths. Thanks to the successful scrum which led to another penalty goal. Brumbies 12-6 Western Force after 45 minutes. The away team however struggled to group themselves together in the attack. While Brumbies took advantage of their mistakes going forward.

Especially with plenty of patience via the ball in play. They might have been denied a touchdown. But pushed their extended lead via the penalty goal to nine. Brumbies 15-6 Western Force with 20 minutes left.

Before Force bounced back a bit with the three-point penalty goal. Score remains to the Brumbies in front at 15-9 going into the final ten minutes of play. But still struggled to get going in the attack.

Where Ryan Longeran kicked enough into the goal. That pushed the Brumbies ahead by another three-points. The home team leads at 18-9 with six minutes left. In the end Western Force unable to get away their lack of attacking awareness. After another penalty goal was enough to pull it off first at the finish line. Final score is Brumbies 21-9 Western Force. As the home side will face Queensland Reds next Saturday for the Final.

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