Australian Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby Trans-Tasman RD2: Top 3 players from the Chiefs v Brumbies

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Luke Jacobson is very dynamic at No.8 for the Chiefs. He looked after both ends of attack and defense. With lots of physicality on offer that can frustrate any opposition side. One of them was the Top 2 Australian Super Rugby teams. That is the ACT Brumbies based from Canberra.

Got a great read that saw the Brumbies fall behind tonight. Especially when they were impatient going forward. Such as the scrummaging. There was little talk up along the way. Which saw Luke collapse it and won the turnover from the referee. He used that reprieve. And cashed in their mistakes with two tries in the first half.

That puts his side on a comfortable position. Which does not require too much reliance to be isolated. As long as Luke gets so involved all the time. And giving his backline buddies a hand. This Chiefs side is interesting to watch. It demonstrates how he can play up to his strengths. And once Brumbies unable to escape past his corner. Luke is there to punish them that flipped into a winning asset.

Alex Nankivell

He played very well at the heart of Chiefs midfield. Mainly the on the inside centre alongside Anton Lienert-Brown. Made plenty of decent pushes against the Brumbies half tonight. Especially when his side had complete control of the ball.

It is important that his physicality and pace is key to their success. It allowed him to stay patient. And read where the Brumbies struggle. Which Alex did not hesitate finding his support men. So they are able to accrue the 5/7 touch points.

One of the tries include himself during the 2nd 40. As said he credits the patience towards his contribution tonight. Alex paid attention with the talk up needed. With the passage of play stayed intact through the channels. Before forced his way past the opposing territory to set up that execution. That is how Alex helped his side advance to the Super Rugby Aotearoa Final. And going 2 out of 2 wins so far shows he is hungry for silverware.

Tom Wright

He ran really well that gave The Chiefs a hard time on occasions. Especially on the left wing for the ACT Brumbies. Got to say that his presence and teamwork gave them a boost. When the communication was clear & saw Len Ikitau touched down.

But then the momentum unfortunately fell away. There is not much communication & decoy runners around him. It is hard to keep that passage of play going. Which does prevent them from finding that execution. That is how Henry Stowers were dragged into touch by a 1/2 Chiefs defenders. And it is something the Brumbies unable to turn around for the majority. Even two touchdowns during the 2nd half is not enough to compensate.

A few ill-discipline as well as the isolated areas in attack. These are the weaknesses Brumbies wished to match tonight. At least to stay in the game after they were 19-5 at half-time. But nothing much changed unfortunately. Especially going up against the Top 2 Super Rugby teams in NZ. They were so close v Crusaders last week. Just not the same with little hope of improvement though. As they head to Eden Park in Auckland next Saturday. Where they face The Blues.

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