Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby Trans-Tasman RD2: Top 3 players from the Reds v Crusaders Game

by Sports Benches

Richie Mo’unga is so outstanding in the playmaker role tonight. Such an important presence for both club and country. Which is the Crusaders & All Blacks. Having made a hat-trick of touch scores. And endless accuracy of kicks into the goal.

He has all the attacking tools that made into a superstar player. Look at his read of the Reds poor passage of play. While trying to build some momentum in their attack. There was no one close to the home side to pick it up. As Richie mistaken them with the intercept/turnover. Before he got around the Reds half. And pulled them away from miles towards the touch line. Not one player has even caught him.

Got to say that Richie is just too good both home and away. You cannot get away with his physicality. As well as the pace that supported the execution. Some from himself. And some to his team-mates that helped his side build a big score. The communication is key to set up decoy runners close to him. And take it to the next level. It is something the Reds did not do much to stay in contention. With Richie in there he is 100% the complete package.

Sevu Reece

Who should be the other Crusaders duo after Richie Mo’unga? And that person belongs on the same backline group as him. We will go for Sevu Reece who plays on the right wing. And he has been electric as always tonight in Brisbane.

The communication and attacking setup has been spot on. Especially when the Reds were struggling to match what they demonstrated. No support runners around them to continue playing with the ball. He noticed that and ultimately punished them. After Reece touched the ball down.

Then that momentum remained tip top after the break. Nothing much really improved from home side. Even with the ball on hand. Where the Reds won the penalty for the line out kick. Reece cancelled this with the ball met just outside his zone. Before his Crusaders side were patient. And struck gold with another attacking masterclass. With David Havilli made the cross kick into the right short side. In which was easy for him to find that touchdown. There is one word to describe him tonight. And Sevu Reece is very descriptive to any defender. As seen with the Reds poor 40-60 mins run.

Harry Wilson

It is hard to see the Reds experience another big loss. Not an easy start to the Trans-Tasman leg. They do not have to face the Australian sides again. It may be exciting when it comes to racing the NZ teams. But so far it is not been very easy.

The best Reds player tonight alone is Harry Wilson. Where he plays in the Number 8 role. So part of the back row in the forwards pack. A good start is there when it comes to the defense. Having seen his side win a couple of penalties.

Although he was involved a lot more during the 2nd 40. Such as a touch try himself. As well as an assist to Suliasi Vunivalu not long later. Harry brings plenty of physicality. Not just to protect his forwards. But he can make up the meters to eat the Crusaders own half. While Harry made a couple of positive contributions. Sadly it comes down to disjointed executions. When it comes to a whole Reds team for the majority. There is little to no talk up going forward. Which saw their passage of play being cancelled. That prevented them from making up these executions. And it is something they need to look at next week.

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