Adjustable Dumbbells – Pros and Cons

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More and more people are following their doctor’s advice to improve their overall health and becoming more active. While not all doctors can agree on what activities are best for everyone, they do all agree that something is better. For those choosing to add some weight training to their daily activities, there are so many options to choose from. For some, going to the gym three times a week works, for some who cannot afford the luxury. Lifting weights at home is the best choice for them. When it comes to the best all-around voice for home weight training, the dumbbell is the most versatile. Unfortunately, not all people have the money or room in their home or apartment for a full set of dumbbells. The solution for them is a set of adjustable dumbbells.  


Let’s start off by explaining what exactly is meant by adjustable dumbbells. This piece of workout equipment is a relatively new innovation from several equipment manufactures. The concept is designed to make it easy for anyone to select the weight that they want to use for a specific exercise. Then move to another exercise without having to grab another dumbbell. With a simple twist of a knob, you can add weight or remove weight and then continue on with your workout.

All of the weight plates are fully contained within the body of the dumbbell and when they are removed they remain within the system thanks to a specialized holder. This holder is a key part of the system and it takes up far less space in your home gym than even the smallest dumbbell set.

Pros of adjustable dumbbells

● Quickly switch between a wide range of weights depending on the set you purchase

● The compact design takes up far less space in your home or apartment

● Very easy to operate with just a single twist

● High-quality materials and construction

Cons of adjustable dumbbells

● A set of adjustable dumbbells will set you back a pretty penny

● You will need to invest in a pair of weight lift gloves to protect your hands

Who would benefit the most from them?

This is a very good question and the answer is fairly easy to figure out:

The person with a home gym– With the high cost of a gym membership continue to skyrocket, people began dedicating a room or using a basement or garage for a home gym. An adjustable dumbbell set would fit in perfectly.

The person with limited space– If you are like so many people who live in an apartment or small house who cannot really dedicate a whole room or even the garage to be used as a home gym. A compact, adjustable dumbbell set can easily be placed on a bed or put in the closet.

The person with limited resources– Lastly, if a person is limited on funds and cannot afford to buy a complete set of dumbbells. An adjustable set of dumbbells makes it easier to switch between weights and they are cheaper than a full set of comparable weights.

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