Tennis News, John Millman lights up last night for the Aussies in Round 1 of 2022 Australian Open v Spain’s Feliciano Lopez

by Sports Benches

It’s great to see another Aussie advance into Round 2 of this year’s Australian Open when John Millman nailed down Feliciano Lopez from Spain last night at Margaret Court Arena, he fired off well with an nice and easy first two sets.

It may not have gotten easier as this opening match-up goes on when Millman lost the 3rd set, but he already had a decent lead in front of him where he rebound after the break in the 4th set that is enough to secure the win (1-6, 3-6, 6-4, 5-7).

His next opponent in Round 2 tomorrow will be 3rd seed Alexander Zverev from Germany, it won’t be a easy again for sure but he has the whole country’s backing to extend his run in this tournament.

He played very well when Millman built an early lead with the first two sets bagged to his name, yes this tie gets challenging as it gets but Millman held his shape before he found the hometretch first which is all but done.

And Lopez would be disappointed wth the early elimination in Melbourne, he saw that 2nd set as his fresh start and began showed some fight against the Millman along the way that includes the 3rd set stage win. However, he didn’t have a good start & him being two sets down saw Lopez fell even further in the race, as his rebound later during this Opening Round tie was just backfired against such a difficult opponent like Millman.

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