Rugby News, Top 3 players from the ACT Brumbies v Queensland Reds Game in RD5 of the 2022 Super Rugby Pacific

by Sports Benches

Irae Simone has to be the all-round player on the inside midfield at No.12 last night for his Brumbies side on home turf. We love how he reached out to his forwards’ pack when being tested defensively, so they prevent the Reds from slipping past them for the lead. But what’s outstanding about him is his attacking output, where Simone read the Reds’ weaknesses well & punished them with a little inside cross-kick towards Tom Wright for the 1st half TRY (30th minute). He gave his team-mates plenty of info in order to held them back later on, and Simone managed to oversaw the Brums win under his watch by full-time.

Next up is Nick Frost on the second row at No.5 within the same Brumbies side. His massive tall build at 2 metres definitely gave the Reds a hard time under his watch last night, having put a good shift in both attack and defense. We love how he helped smash every bit of the Reds’ half with the ball that includes line-outs, before he handed over his team-mates to finish the hard work for him. And in return, they did the same for Nick with the teamwork provided when the Brums defended really well, that prevented the Reds from scoring late in the 2nd-half. It’s the communication & read that counts, which made good use of his abilities at No.5.

And hats off to Seru Uru in another week running, who put out his best in a Reds shirt on the blindside, despite the narrow loss. He was looking out for his Reds team for the whole time at all fronts when giving his team-mates plenty of help. Not only he ensured that the ball was still intact with the Reds, but he also ensured that his team was able to get past the Brums through the TRY line. It demonstrates his excellent attacking contribution, especially when he assisted the big score via the short side to Josh Nasser in the 59th minute. And while he also put a brilliant & desperate shift on the other end defensively, his Reds team were unlucky to have fallen just short.

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