Rugby News, Top 3 players from the Western Force v Crusaders Game in Week 12 of the 2022 Super Rugby Pacific

by Sports Benches

Leicester Fainga’anuku is such a wonderful standout player tonight for the Crusaders on the left wing with a hat-trick of tries from the first-half. He struck a fantastic balance between pace & physicality where he can track back and forth that is being defensively, as well as finish off the attack. And it came at the right time when the Crusaders were patient with the ball off the back of the Western Force’s lack of support numbers, before his team called him up & bit back the Force that made them pay the price in return.

Another standout Crusader player to look at is Will Jordan in the No.15 shirt at full-back where he dominated the 2nd half with a hat-track of his own, just like team-mate Fainga’anuku from the other 40 minute spell. These two players both young and talented in their early 20s; they also share the same height, physicality and pace. All Jordan does is track back and protect his men defensively where he was tested with the tackling & read, before he knows what to do with the ball and that word is to dominate where he was just too good.

Both players are just sensational to watch
where any opposing team will have a tough time dealing with Jordan and Fainga’anuku at their defensive territory, based on the lack of support numbers/communication before it’s ripped into shreds.

And Tim Anstee put his best tonight throughout the full 80 for his Western Force team at No.8. He provides so much physicality, talk-up and tall reach when smashing his way through the Crusaders defensive blocks with the ball on hand. He also provides that athletic ability when running back and forth where Anstee made a name for himself back in the 7s days. Although, his contribution benefitted with a number of winning penalties and advantages. But his team’s poor communication & execution in the attack let him down, where the Force had to pay the price for their defensive damages at the hands of the Crusaders in the end.

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