Rugby News, Top 3 players from the Brumbies v Crusaders Game in Week 13 of the 2022 Super Rugby Pacific

by Sports Benches

We have to say that Scott Barrett made his Crusaders a lot easier to execute tonight on the second row. He can unpack everything from attack to defense where he runs back and forth, as well as smash his way through the Brumbies defensive half. It just goes to show that Scott knows where to hold the opposition areas accountable before he sends the message over to his team-mates & help them back up, so they can find that TRY line & grab these five-pointers every time through the gate. And his contribution tonight exactly shows why he’s not an easy player to face against any opposing team, when the Brumbies just couldn’t find a way to escape past the men from Canterbury.

Another Crusaders standout player tonight at GIO Stadium in Canberra is Bryn Hall, who plays the No.9 scrum-half position. He struck a brilliant balance between communication and designing the attack, so Hall can make the best of his physicality in two ways; bring his Numbers in to finish off the work for him or help him know where to plant that TRY line. It’s a two-way street where his Crusaders team were just simply firing on all cylinders, with Hall worked really hard for the majority before he deserved an early mark by the time the Saders were well safe towards winning in the 66th minute.

And Irae Simone played really well at inside centre for the Brumbies in the No.12 jersey with two tries tonight. He’s proven to be a dangerous figure against the Crusaders defense where Simone is a very good communicatior, especially when he reaches out for help from scrum-half Nic White, before he unleashes his finishing touches with the pace that earned the Brumbies valuable five-pointers. And Simone continued to flex his attacking prowess by covering up his support runners that helped the Brumbies make up lost time later in the 2nd half. But it just wasn’t his night when the team’s poor first 40 left them little time to upsurp the Crusaders, despite the early lead.

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