Looking back from last weekend in the S5000 Open-Wheelers, it’s awesome to see a couple of youngsters sharing the top of the podium with three different winners throughout three different races at Hidden Valley in Darwin, NT.

We’ll start with 17-year-old Cooper Webster – who was off to a fantastic start with an easy win from 2nd on the front row in Race 1. Yes, he was gutted earlier during Race 2 on Sunday when he put the brakes too hard before Webster spun off while running 4th with eight laps left. But he recovered well nonetheless back in 2nd to wrap up two amazing podiums in both afternoon races.

We also give a shoutout to Kiwi Kaleb Ngatoa; he too began the weekend in 8th, having been midway through the field except P2 from Practice 1. He did have an outstanding Race 2 though where Ngatoa jumped ahead of Webster for the lead straight away & never looked back ever since with the win. Sadly, he got a massive hit by Blake Purdie in the third and final race weekend that saw him home with a damaged right front-wing in 9th.

Then there’s Aaron Cameron in the No.18 Garry Rogers Motorsport Open-Wheel machinery alongside his usual TCR Australia also for the same GRM team. He began the weekend with the final podium spot in Race 1 before Cameron was left out of the Top 3 at P4 earlier on Sunday morning and responded to that Race 2 setback really well en route to 1st.

It’s not only youngsters dominating the field, but there’s some established stars who are setting the benchmark as well. A. Cameron’s team-mate James Golding also responded from his P7 finish from the opening race Saturday with back-to-back Sunday podiums (P2 in Race 2 & P3 in Race 3).

And Joey Mawson is your drivers’ champion for the second straight time this year – despite having a podium-less run in Darwin; P4 in Race 1, P6 during Sunday AM & Race 3 DNF. Congrats to Joey as he’s got the Tasman Series next in sights that will take place this late October-early November.

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