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It’s been such a great contest to end a wonderful Saturday night of Super Rugby at GIO Stadium in Canberra between the Hosts ACT Brumbies & visitors Moana Pasifika. Moana had the first say with the early advantage & continued to score some tries; Meanwhile, ACT didn’t waste any time by also scoring some big scores along the way before the Brumbies held a small lead at the break, 29-22. Although Moana at last got to lead for the first time, but that was unfortunately short-lived when the Brumbies took cruise control for the rest of the match with a comfortable win on home soil. It’s been a high-scoring game following 80 minutes of play, as the final score was 62-36 to the Brumbies.

It’s been a rough night in the office from Moana Pasifika, especially when that strong first-half momentum quickly went upside down over the last 20 minutes of the night. They opened the TRY scoring account first against the best Australian Super Rugby team & even undefeated side right now in ACT Brumbies before Moana responded well to the opposition’s big scores with a narrow seven-point gap ahead of half-time. Yes, they continued to that early start momentum when Moana got to lead for some time. But sadly, they just slipped away by letting the Brumbies score more & more tries thanks to a number of lost penalties & ill-discipline, before it was simply too hard for Moana to respond with so much pressure towards the end. There’s still some work to do in order to hold off from start to finish if Moana wishes to win sometime this year, as they v Wellington next Saturday night.

And Brumbies are still standing with the Chiefs from Waikato as the undefeated Super Rugby side after Round 4 this season. They didn’t put a foot wrong who responded to Moana’s strong start well by not giving them an easy run for the lead before the Brumbies were able to get away by a few points ahead of HT. Now Moana may have briefly took top spot at one point earlier in the 2nd half, but then the Brumbies were able to dominate possession later on by taking advantage of the Moana’s errors before the game went their way 100% & nothing has changed ever since. Now their next test is up against the Crusaders in Christchurch, NZ on Friday night. Let’s see if they can fire off well, build a big lead & stay ahead from start to finish. The Chiefs has done that in the opening round on the Saders’ home turf, the same can be said for ACT in the hope of having a decent Finals run & win a Super Rugby title later this season.

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