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Today’s blog post is all about the Australian Grand Prix in which was filled with craziness that so much that very few Grand Prixs can match such a level like this, so we are not just going to talk about the good and bad things about this grand prix but also that intense upside of emotions that fans had experienced all along from start to finish.

The positives

Starting of with the good things out there first which was the drivers in the front row George Russell and Max Verstappen due to which the fans were able to enjoy the fierce rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes where George got to a superb start while Max was trying to defend by holding his top-spot position and setting the tone of the race. Later on, we noticed the heroics of Max’s Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez who was overtaking other drivers just for fun through the race field and taking down drivers on one of the most crucial part of the track through the Chicane, rising up the positions and winning the Driver of the Day award.

The downsides

This race was nothing less than a drama and tensed moments wasn’t it? It was just the second lap of the race when Charles Leclerc went on to the gravel from a slight push from one of the Aston Martins later on in the race. Alexander Albon who was having great weekend with Williams went into the gravel by his own mistake after which the race was restarted again with George at disadvantage shifting down to P7 from P1. A tone was being set on the track but soon after on lap 18, there were fumes and fire coming out of the Mercedes driven by George Russell due to which the race was over from him. Soon after, it was on lap 48 when Max nearly went off the track but it was a smart move from him jumping back on the track otherwise if it would have been delay of just few seconds then the race would be over for him.

The intense moments: (or it can be continued in the bad moments to)

Till now on everything seemed fine it was just few laps till we were going to find out the winner of Australian Grand Prix unless on lap 53 when the right rear tyre of Haas driven by Kevin Magnussen got detached and the tyre was rolling all over the track with furious speed, Red flag was seen after which the race for restarted again for the remaining laps which were left with just few laps left the drivers were giving there all but on lap 57 of 58, there were a total traffic of cars bumping and crashing into each other with Carlos Sainz bumped into his countrymen Fernando Alonso; Pierre Gasly being unaware of the situation of Esteban Ocon behind him in full speed as they crashed into each other after which Sainz got a five second penalty where he ended up in P12. No restarting of the race was done for the third time when a formation lap was called upon with the safety car after which the chequered flag was shown drivers in the same line-up as they were before the crash concluding Red Bull and Max winning the Grand Prix first in Australia since Sebastian Vettel back in 2011.

Extra Notes

Lewis Hamilton finishes in 2nd for Mercedes & Fernando Alonso takes the last podium place in 3rd for the third straight time so far this season for Aston Martin-McLaren. And Australian Oscar Piastri just scored his first Formula 1 points in 8th for McLaren-Mercedes where he now moves up to 13th in the Drivers’ Standings on four points alongside Valtteri Bottas, Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly. The next GP is at Baku Street Circuit for the Azerbaijan event on Sunday 30th April.

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