Top 3 players from the Reds v Waratahs Game in Round 11 of the 2023 Super Rugby Season Sports Benches

Top 3 players from the Reds v Waratahs Game in Round 11 of the 2023 Super Rugby Season

by Sports Benches

First of all, take a bow to No.8 Langi Gleeson who was instrumental of the Waratahs win against the Reds tonight in Townsville. He has so much offer in his position, having exposed the Reds’ poor conversion play by holding them up defensively. Plus, he can also smash his way through the Reds blocks with the ball every time the Waratahs need to build some attacking momentum. And with patience, his side were able to accrue as many big scores than the Reds side did throughout his 60 minute shift. Now there’s unfinished business left to make more damage from such a talented youngster with youth (age 21) by his side.

Next up is Dave Porecki (No.2 at Hooker) who back from injury recently at the right time to help turn his side’s season around, having been excellent with his throw-ins at line-out time as always before he controlled with the ball really well that led to tries on the board. Not only he opened the Tahs scoring account himself, but he credits the Reds poor attacking executions & ill-discipline that led to more chances to get the job done from his end. The Tahs need him the most based on his vast experience & he will continue to work hard by delivering them tries & wins in return.

And Suli Vunivalu has been dangerous earlier on during the opening 40 in particular on the Reds wide right role at No.14. He too can jump up high to receive the ball, as well as run back & fourth through the channels where his vision was tested really well, and Suli can even use the pacey power to dive past the Tahs blocks down low that secured his team’s 2nd TRY. Now his presence may have kept the Reds in contention at 17-17 going into the half-time break, but then their poor attacking conversion play & ill-discipline sadly continued to hurt him with the loss.

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