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Hats off to Tate McDermott following a hard day’s work that helped end the Chiefs’ long-running unbeaten run tonight as the Reds’ main No.9. He always provided a great link between his forwards & backline department in all areas, so the Reds know where to find the sweet spot. It helped his side get the ball rolling with the fightback being shown there, particularly when he snatched a TRY himself to level at half-time thanks to a great maul off the line-out. Then his leadership & on-field input kept the momentum going with another 1-2 tries before his side were able to close out the game with a big shift in defense where all credit coming from McDermott. All they have to do is finish off the attack well & you will thank him that made the Reds so dangerous with the ball.

Next up is Reds reserve No.10 Tom Lynagh who made such a huge difference in the 2nd 40, especially when they were turning themselves around before his side finally tasted victory thanks to his excellent display that includes the winning penalty goal. He’s always young & hungry every time he gets his chance, having been away with injury for some time this season. It’s not just his conversion kicks that gave them a boost of confidence, but he too can also lend a helping hand too defensively. Love how he caught Rameka Poihipi down on the far left short side & luckily his forwards were there to hold the ball up that went the Reds way. Looks like he’s ready for more to give Brad Thorn the good send off he deserves as head coach.

And Etene Nanai-Seturo has been brilliant with back-to-back tries during the first half in the No.11 Chiefs shirt (left wing). Every time he has the ball, his finishing has been explosive with pace & power that will make any opposition side pay under his watch. When we look back at his 2nd TRY while the Reds were scrappy on one occasion, he too was so instantly ready to incept with a mighty soccer kick before he picks it up & no one couldn’t stop him. Great timing to see him read these Reds mistakes by cashing it in with space. But then the Chiefs were not themselves tonight when their 2nd half run was just inconsistent that left them so little time to upsurge the Reds; Sadly it was just too much pressure to get out in the end.

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