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Pita Gus Sowakula has been excellent in the No.8 Chiefs position when his match-winning TRY was enough to help his side go through into the semi-final. He has a great eye of getting the best out of the attack thanks to his impressive physical traits, having taken a greater look of what the Reds is doing at their own end while building the momentum before he can run by backing up through the channels or bust his way past the Reds blocks down low. Don’t forget he can be a handy defender as well. It all goes to how he operates on the field as he too wants to keep on going with the semis next weekend v either Brumbies or Hurricanes.

Then here’s another Chiefs player who is here to try and take the main trophy away from the Crusaders in Damian McKenzie at No.10. His conversion kicks look spotless as always that gave his side the added extras they’re after thanks to a mix of tries and winning penalties. He can also design the attack really well every time the Chiefs has the ball on hand with a mix of swift passing + little cross kicks, so the attacking momentum can continue past the Reds end before the rewards ended up his way. He too will look to continue that dynamic approach alongside his usual kicking duties by gifting the Chiefs more tries & points in next weekend’s semi-final.

And right-winger Suli Vunivalu was such a huge threat to the Reds’ outside push thanks to his two TRY brace this afternoon. He sent a brilliant message to Wallabies coach Eddie Jones where he’s got the pace & power + the vision in order to get the job done as well as defend & back up thanks to his tall reach. You can’t just get enough of him who knows what it takes to play against the big sides like the Chiefs & also through NRL in the past. But sadly ill-discipline didn’t go their way under pressure before it was too late, as he hopes to bounce back & win more games from here for the Reds & Wallabies.

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