Motorsport News, Spire Motorsports make another big splash in NASCAR this time buying Kyle Busch Motorsports’s Truck Series team & its engineering assets

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Image Reference: Zach Catanzareti via Wikipedia, CC BY 2.0

Spire Motorsports have made another big investment today and this time they have purchased all of Kyle Busch Motorsports’s Truck Series team including its race shop/facilities and Industrial engineering division for $25 million. Kyle Busch himself has confirmed it while Spire will be provide more information about their transaction of KBM this Saturday at 10.30am ET during the Fall Talladega race weekend.

What does that mean going forward? They would field up to 2-3 full-time cars where 1-2 of them will be racing for the whole season while the other would feature multiple drivers which could include Kyle Busch. Although it seems that Kyle would fully focus driving the No.8 Chevy Camaro at Cup level for Richard Childress Racing as well as spending more time with his son Brexton.

So at some point we will get to see Kyle race a full season of Trucks to try win a championship there? Yes, let’s hope so as sure Spire would let him fulfil his wish where they’ve got a great business relationship together. Then after that, he can pass it on to Brexton once he’s 18-19, who also signed a big contact with RCR at the same time they hired his dad from Joe Gibbs Racing  (which is a Toyota team) during the announcement a year ago.

Image Reference: Zach Catanzareti via Wikipedia, CC BY 2.0

For now, we could see Spire set its own ladder from Trucks to Cup level where one of their next full-time Truck drivers would go on & drive for any of the three Cup cars in about three years time. We don’t know who might it be but I guess one will be a youngster and another experience in the form of Marco Andretti with thanks to the Gainbridge $$$ backing.

With that being said, I think Spire would be content running three cars after 2024 while keeping all three charters. So for teams like Trackhouse, they would have to buy one of the charters out from Stewart-Haas Racing which is the going to be the No.41 whereas the other No.10 charter would go to Richard Childress Racing & set up a 3rd full-time Cup car there for Austin Hill. Then for Stewart-Haas’s end, they would be happy to settle just running two cars (No.4 & No.14) while looking to run Chevys again once the existing Ford contract expires after the 2024 season.

Image Reference: TaurusEmerald via Wikipedia, CC BY 4.0 International

It’s a crazy and expensive market but Spire is no stranger in making big investments as we hope we can see the next step of Spire being at their best on the race track sooner rather than later. Plus, we thank Kyle Busch for everything at Trucks level mainly as a team owner that led to so many of his young drivers honing their craft that led to wins and championships before they go on & race at the highest levels, while he too can also win Truck races himself from time to time where he hopes to keep on doing it with Spire next year before looking to race a full season there for the championship at some point.

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