Thoughts on Freeform’s backflip of While You Were Breeding where they will now not be on the air despite completing all ten episodes

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At the same time two days ago when ABC cancelled Home Economics after three seasons, its sister cable channel Freeform has decided not to put While You Were Breeding on the air at all next year despite finishing all ten episodes just before the five month strike began earlier in May. If the strike didn’t happen, the show would’ve started airing last month, but then the unexpected strike saw its August premiere being postponed to sometime 2024 & now it’s in the trash bin instead.

It’s an hour-long comedy show about one person’s journey (30-year-old woman named Kacey), who explores the world alone from LA that reflects her true self, which is based on a book memoir What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by writer/producer Kristin Newman. Although one can only hope that Freeform Studios will find another home for them & air these 10 episodes. Yes, these pilot lifelines don’t come out much, especially when ABC backflipped Avalon from its straight to series order nearly a year ago after they saw the pilot episode. However, considering that the writers strike is now over, a streamer or another TV network should take this opportunity & show how scripted TV is done for all on the air.

We would’ve loved to see Freeform kept its promises to the show’s creator and its cast & crew, but sadly it’s not about the show as they no longer fit the network’s programming strategy with thanks to the strike being re-worked over time. Instead, they chose to put a few reality TV programming shows on the air this year with more to come, which is the direction they’re going alongside weekly repeated & season programming marathons. It also seems Freeform would retain just a handful of original scripted programming while adding a few brand new quality ones soon just like ABC & it would be no surprise if Freeform would be sold alone/shut down at some stage since viewers are tuning in more on their devices rather than cable.

Grown-ish is currently in its sixth and final season while The Good Summer should stick around a bit longer as we wait & see if both Praise Petey & Cruel Summer will stay on for another season alongside the new scripted pickups in a few weeks time.

For now, please support Kristin by buying/reading her book to know all about what the TV adaptation would look like which is available on Amazon here while we hope it would be on the air elsewhere sooner rather than later.

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