Thoughts on the possibility of CBS going with a new Daytime soap about an African-American family called The Gates

by Sports Benches

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Well, something new might be coming at CBS Daytime since The Talk back in 2010 after an old soap opera As The World Turns has ran its course that spanned over a few decades. Now it’s not going to be a CBS Mornings third hour similar to GMA3 & Today with Hoda and Jenna nor another new game show, but rather a new soap that is centred on a rich African-American family called The Gates. We don’t know when this will start as there’s no guarantee it will be put onto a pilot & then make or break it like it was before or even go into a straight to series order. However, it’s currently in development being led by veteran writer Michele Van Jean, who has done a lot of work at Bold & The Beautiful and General Hospital, as she will write, set the stage & executive produce the new show. 

If it goes ahead, it will be expected to be on the main channel (CBS) & Paramount + (simulcast/on-demand) whose production will be run by CBS Studios alongside Procter & Gamble Studios and the NACCP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). It also remains to be seen if the new show will be shown Internationally outside the US and Canada like Bold & Young and The Restless as it doesn’t say if CBS or P & G is going to be the distributor, but we shall find out soon enough if does go ahead. All in all, it’s great to have a brand new soap going forward for a first time in a long time – but with a huge focus amongst African-Americans in today’s & tomorrow’s world. I’m sure Michelle will do everyone proud that will bring a new generation of soap fans and also some old and current ones coming over who may be fed up with the current daytime soap shows on offer at the moment. 

Michelle also paid a lovely tribute to the late Jacklyn Zeman, who sadly passed away to cancer nearly a year ago at age 70, after the announcement was made on her birthday, which was the 6th of March. She would be so proud of this and she would get the chance to act on her show after a decorated career as Bobbie Spencer on GH if she was still alive today. For now, it will be interesting to see if The Gates will get a late afternoon airing or replace one of the current CBS Daytime shows such as Let’s Make a Deal (music game show) or The Talk.

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