Thoughts on the possibility of The Talk being replaced by another new soap (The Gates) at CBS Daytime

by Sports Benches

We saw that coming last week when a new soap is in the works around a rich African-American family at CBS Daytime called The Gates. Now we know that this goes ahead, the episodes would go for an hour long at 2pm weekdays in place of The Talk.

The Young & The Restless and even Bold & The Beautiful isn’t going anywhere despite Bold being renewed a few years less than Y & R who remains the best performing soap on the air. When it comes to game shows, The Price is Right has been running for several decades since 1972 & it’s something CBS wants keep on running while Let’s Make a Deal won’t be axed whose ratings is good & game shows like TPIR doesn’t produce a lot of $$$ – they can both continue like Bold and Y & R unless things go south.

Now The Talk is a daytime talk show rivalling ABC’s The View where you can currently catch it at 7-8am weekdays here on Network 10 & anytime on 10 Play as the episodes are only a few days behind the US. The panel has been an all-female panel for the majority until Sharon Osborne was fired three years ago & they since got two full-time male panelists onboard months after her dismissal with Jerry O’Connell & Akbar Gbajabiamila.  Ratings wise, they are currently the lowest on their current line-up & is also ranked 3rd on overall daytime talk shows. But again, the show had another new face behind the scenes recently in the hope of turning things around named Rob Crabbe from the now finished The Late Late Show with James Corden. And yet, there’s no news yet if The Talk will be back for the 15th season later this year where we should find out in the next few months.

If this show comes back again, then sounds good as Crabbe still needs more time to make The Talk working again. But it also doesn’t generate much interest amongst Australians where Network 10 has been airing them way early in the morning from 5-6am, then 6-7am and now 7-8 am rather than during the day – which unfortunately didn’t work a long time ago. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if The Talk will be axed soon enough so CBS can give another soap (The Gates) the chance to fill its shoes and dominate the 2pm timeslot, while 10 can have another low budget or repeat time filler content that isn’t part of the CBS staple at the same time since they aren’t able to compete with Seven and Nine in the mornings.

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