UEFA Euro 2024: Hosts Germany unbelievably dominant up front after an outstanding start v Scotland 5-1 at Allianz Arena in Munich

by Sports Benches

The 2024 UEFA European Football Championships has just taken lift-off at Allianz Arena in Munich where the hosts Germany was simply too good for the Scottish 5-1. Germany had a fantastic team effort from start to finish off the back of two early first-half goals including a successful penalty that puts them way in front ahead of half-time 3-0. Nothing has changed at all going into the 2nd half where the hosts continued to hold on up front & although they might have accidentally gifted Scotland their own goal to them in the 87th minute after that free kick deflection went so wrong but the Germans did however with the 5th and final goal to wrap up their first night and round of Euros. Germany’s next match will be against Hungary on Thursday morning AEST time in Stuggart while Scotland will look to bounce back v Switzerland next Friday.

Lots of attacking play and possession there from the hosts whom the Scottish just couldn’t stop them at their own end with goals after goals on the board. The wings have worked well for them including a few changes off the bench where the reserve striker has put up such a good threat against the keeper with one second half goal being bagged as the game goes on. Yes, they might need to be careful when looking to put away things next time rather than an own goal which is something the Germans will be tested in the knockout stages but so far, so good to kickstart the Euros campaign on home soil. Meanwhile, Scotland didn’t get what they wanted when they were really struggling to stop Germany in its tracks where that first goal should’ve easily been put away from the net but it went inside the goal instead. They were the only ones who couldn’t make the most out of their attacking opportunities despite the rare goal being gifted by centre-defender Antonio Rudgier off the free-kick not long before full-time. However, it’s just wasn’t their night unfortunately with lots more work to do in Group A.

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