Thoughts on Scott Parker returning to management now with Burnley after 2 x Championship promotions but also underwhelming spells in the EPL & Belgium

by Sports Benches

And just before the weekend, Burnley FC have finally got a replacement onboard to replace the now Bayern Munich head coach Vincent Kompany in none other than ex-England midfielder Scott Parker. He’s the man who guided both Fulham via the Play-Offs in 2019-20 and Bournemouth as runner-up in 2021-22 to also Fulham to Premier League promotions over the last couple of years in the EFL Championship but has yet to cut it in the top flight, having experienced one full season relegation in West London while being sacked only a few matches into the new season with Bournemouth.

Then things went from bad to worse when he took the chance to cut his teeth abroad at Club Brugge in Belgium’s Pro League but he only won just 2 games out of 12 that only lasted 67 days en route towards yet another sacking as he’s been out of management a little over a year until he’s now back at Turf Moor to try and get this club straight back into the Premier League. The new season will start in early August on Tuesday 13th at 5am AEST against fellow Premier League relegation side Luton Town in the hope of topping this table once again throughout the 2024/25 season, would look pretty nice for him to guide a 3rd Championship promotion to the PL but this time with the finish for 1st.

Burnley has been there before back in 2022/23 with Kompany before they struggled to keep up with the Premier League table following another relegation finish in 19th and sure they’ll do it again this time under Parker.

Yes, there will be some people who will criticise him for not being good in the Premier League when he complained of Bournemouth not being backed to succeed there upon his 2nd head coach firing after Bournemouth lost too much v Liverpool 9-0 nearly two years ago and yet they did well in 13th under Gary O’Neil – who is very good with the coaching side of things rather than him feeling like he has the responsibility of what a traditional old-fashioned manager does in English soccer- which is now predominantly redundant nowadays. Although O’Neil wasn’t kept on when Bournemouth wanted to do things differently with really good football under Androni Irola, he didn’t do bad though at Wolves last season in 14th.

Don’t forget Scott witnessed the same thing when Fulham spent 100 million pounds of players upon their return into the Premier League at the first attempt back in 2020-21 & unfortunately, that didn’t go well for him despite winning a couple of games on what has been a mostly underwhelming season where they returned straight to the 2nd tier in 18th place.

However, he has some qualities that is relevant to the modern game such as playing possession-based/attacking football, knows how to get the best out of young players and can be expansive on how he coaches them too with a back four for the majority and sometimes back three/five on occasions if required. Not only that, he will be sorely be responsible of the coaching since he will take over the head coach title while Burnley will continue to buy players soon enough to help Scott dominate this Championship table that suits his tactics. The club have already began their transfer activity with right-back Shurandy Sambo from PSV for free the other day when they were still managerless at the time not long before Parker’s arrival.

Now he will soon get back to work to coach the players starting next week under a three-year deal as time will tell if he can finally do better in the Premier League at some point should Burnley be promoted once again, so clubs like West Ham (his old playing club) can give him a chance to try and compete in the Top 6-7 every season alongside some deep domestic cup runs.

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