ANZ Premiership: Central Pulse capped off an amazing finish to Round 13 with the five goal win over the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic with two key players back tonight from injury

by Sports Benches

So there we have it, the Central Pulse have stole the show that was supposed to be the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic at Globox Arena in Hamilton by five goals, 48-53. It was a Magic first half who controlled the court very nicely despite some good moments from the Pulse off the back of an excellent start to the match where Pulse were four goals behind at half-time, 26-22. Now the 3rd quarter might still be under the Magic for a bit longer but a series of changes off the bench from the Pulse forced their hand with the win including two key players back from injury, such as Amelia Warmsley & Maddy Gordon. Not only that, the Pulse regained top spot ahead of the Mainland Tactix yet again on the ANZ Premiership ladder while Magic need to show something special now if they wish to play Finals netball this year as we go into Round 14 of 15 this weekend.

Whitney Souness has been working so hard throughout the full hour that got away with the Pulse win in Hamilton at wing attack. She’s got the athleticism and mobility to manufacture her team’s impressive start where goals were made there off her passing supply despite being a bit behind for the most part. However, gotta say the 2nd half got the best out of her game thanks to a few returning players off the bench from the treatment room including reserve goal shooter Amelia Warmsley while turning the tide from the Magic’s series of late errors. She knows what it takes to be at her best in a winning side and tonight was another of these matches Whitney took part in the starting 7 in the hope of holding off 1st with two rounds to go and then some extra preparation if possible would do it to sweep home towards the Grand Final and go all in for the win.

Then we’ve got another Pulse standout star this time in the back three in none other than goal defender Parris Mason, who as said kept the Magic attack quiet, particularly when she & her side were able to turn things around big time throughout the 2nd half. Every time the Magic felt hesitant or isolated, Parris read really well before she applied with excellent physical and multi-sport skills to keep that ball play going alongside her towering team-mate Kelly Jackson – which was job well done where goals and the eventual lead towards the finish line went her way. She’s doing the best she can now to finish off the regular season on a high as the No.1 ranked team by proving to the Tall Ferns (women’s b’ball) that Parris is indeed looking to win from somewhere that isn’t the Olympics after being left out a few months ago but with the ANZ Premiership crown.

And Magic goal shooter Saviour Tui did the best she can to put her team on the map where her side just couldn’t stay up front as the clock ticks down at goal shooter. As said, the Magic led the way for the most part thanks to a functioning back three defense of their own alongside a hard-working Claire O’Brien present to give Tui the shooting stuff she needs to get into the net. But what really lets her down is Magic benching her off the court later on while witnessing a series of mistakes that slipped away to the hands of the Pulse towards the end. It didn’t work unfortunately without Tui’s fun-loving goal scoring opportunities to finish off inside the circle. With two rounds to go, Tui needs her team’s support to wrestle back that 3rd and final spot for the elimination final & hope that Northern Mystics lose the last two games v Pulse & Northern Stars.

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