Ollie Watkins late strike enough to put England on yet another Euros Final this time v Spain after a 2-1 win v Netherlands

by Sports Benches

Look who has made the Euros big dance again, it’s the mighty Three Lions from England, who are now one step closer to going one better this time v Spain this weekend, thanks to a game-winning goal by striker Ollie Watkins in the 90th minute. 

Netherlands fired off well from the start thanks to Xavi Simons while Harry Kane levelled up for England via a penalty kick not long later before things went quiet until very nearly towards full-time & Ollie has a way to get the England supporters go wild with the 2-1 win in Dortmund. Yes, you can criticise the manager all you want in Gareth Southgate but he knows how to put the best interests of heart for England when a few fresh faces off the bench helped saved the day. Let’s see if that back three formation would finally put Spain into bed in order to help him bring that Euros trophy home in a long time.

And heartbreak for the Netherlands as said with an excellent start to get the ball rolling, having had an excellent campaign up until the semis under Ronald Koeman in charge once again. But they just couldn’t find a way to stop England in its tracks or unable to capitalise the fightback England put in by Harry Kane, while they kept on hitting and missing these shots whenever they had the chance until it was too little, too late after Watkins confirmed their elimination last minute from the last 4. It’s going to be around 40 years now when the Oranje last won the Euros that goes back to 1988 v Soviet Union 2-0 also in Germany at Munich’s Olympiastadion as they will most likely return to try & end that long-running drought come 2028. 

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