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The US will get a new home for MotoGP this season as NBC is now out after four years whose contract has expired at the end of last season and TNT Sports is in with all Saturday Sprint races & Sunday race day live on TruTV’s cable channel, while the rest including the practice, qualifying and the Moto2 & 3 races will be streamed on Max through its B/R Sports add-on package. So it’s been a while since live MotoGP races haven’t been on the air at least on TV except the annual US event & everything else being delayed. Another change we will see is there won’t be any free-to-air presence despite having some delayed races last year unless it’s last minute to someone else for the US event which is unlikely and also a switch of commentary where they will take their British TNT Sports coverage rather than the World Feed & its own studio production.

Other than the UK and Ireland & USA for TNT Sports and even India via Eurosport, another Warner-owned property in New Zealand will also now get to air the races this season where everything will be live online for free on ThreeNow with every race highlights being shown as part as Three’s CRC Motorsports TV line-up on Sunday afternoons. They haven’t said which commentary they will use since Three is part of Warner Bros Discovery that includes TNT Sports, but I guess it will be the world feed in case viewers complain like the Australian audience did when Fox Sports had to change back commentary after the TNT feed didn’t go well at the British Grand Prix race last year. Looks like TNT Sports is going global with MotoGP as long as the UK rights stays for another few years.

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