Thoughts on TNT Sports becoming the new home of Roland Garros Tennis in the US on a ten-year contract to begin from 2025-2034

by Sports Benches

There will be a brand new TV home of Roland Garros Tennis in the United States from next year as Warner Bros Discovery/TNT Sports through TNT, TBS and TruTV will take over the rights off NBC on a 10-year contract worth $650 million US dollars from 2025-3034 after several decades on the air that goes back to 1975-1979 as well as 1983-2024 in between a short three year stint by CBS. The expected announcement also coincides with the parent company’s renewal of its existing Pan-European rights package through Eurosport who also has been airing the annual tournament since 1989 including a few years now in the UK following a 10 year stint by ITV from 2012-2021 as well as the BBC beforehand for over several decades. So tomorrow will be the last time NBC airs its last Roland Garros match between Carlos Alcaraz v Alexander Zverev with Noah Eagle on the call for the one & only time after Dan Hicks stepped down recently alongside John McEnroe and Mary Carillo & also Maria Taylor too hosting the pre and post-matches as always from the semi-finals to the big finals weekend over the last three years.

First of all, we didn’t see that coming when NBC was so attached to the Roland Garros for so long, especially when they were able to get some extra matches through their Peacock streaming service back in 2021 thanks to the added retractable roof and much-needed flood lights at Court Phillipe Chatrier and now Court Suzanne Lenglen. But the way they show in the semis later during the weekdays didn’t change that much unfortunately that still frustrated the West Coast viewers – even when NBCSN was shut down at the same time before the start of 2022 by choosing not to air the early hours on USA Network & all they had to do is either stream on Peacock, go to the Tennis Channel or wait until the tape-delayed airing starts on the main channel. All of that is now gone where you can tune in all on the one place from start to finish without any interruptions and delays on the main TNT cable channel alongside some other matches across TBS, TNT as well as continuing to stream on Max and Bleacher Report (thinking it’s the add-on sports package so Max might throw some on the two basic subscription tiers).

It looks like there won’t be any free-to-air coverage going forward at the bare minimum like weekend matches as well as the semi-finals and finals since WBD and TNT Sports doesn’t have a free-to-air connection, not even a sublicensing deal to CBS would be good to keep some of the Roland Garros action in front of a paywall over in the US. We thought that was going to happen in the UK when Eurosport took over from ITV a few years ago but it still hasn’t yet happened & surely we won’t see that coming anytime soon unless a Briton is doing so well and might be appropriate for them to open up a bit on free-to-air.

And lastly, who will be there front and centre for TNT Sports? Yes, viewers should expect to receive Eurosport’s English-language European broadcast feed for some of the time such as the early round matches. However, they would still like to have a US-focused commentary since they paid a lot of $$$ to make this happen by having them on-site including some of the new faces onboard with some coming over from NBC like John McEnroe, who also appears on Eurosport’s existing Tennis coverage for their European viewers. While the chances of retaining the NBA appears to be slim with NBC looking to take their place for the first time since 2002, they are least adding up a couple of new sports into the menu such as a return to NASCAR during the mid-summer over the next seven years starting next season as well as some College Football Playoffs off ESPN.

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