2021 Australian Open News, Section 3 of Round 1 Singles Game: Frederico Ferreira Silva v Nick Kyrgios

by Sports Benches

Nick Kyrgios may have fired off behind Frederico Ferreira Silva 0-2. In round 1 of the 2021 Australian Open at John Cain Arena. Where things went slow for the Aussie. But he began to catch up with the Portuguese at the initial halfway point.

It began with 2-2 after Nick overcome a series of tough deuce duels. Might have denied a few early attempts beforehand by Ferreira Silva. But eventually got it done. Before Nick was able to bridge that 2nd half middle ground for the 1st set lead. When he narrowly escaped Ferreira Silva unscathed 6-4 after the 1st stage.

The same momentum carried on during the 2nd set. Despite the early headstart from Ferreira Silva. Where the Portuguese tried to stay ahead with Kyrgios. Having tied with the Australian 3-3. But lost the same consistency as struggled from Stage 1. As Kyrgios bridged a 2nd half end result with another stage win here 6-4.

Kyrgios only needed one more set points to win in three straight sets. And advance in Round 2 of the Australian Open. Where the first half of his run would need some weaknesses to fix after the game. But his next run play after the halfway point was unstoppable. In which helped justified his brilliant start of this journey with the win.

The final result with Nick Kyrgios as the winner: 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. As Frederico Ferreira Silva has to depart the tour very early. There are some foundations shown at all times here. Especially when he gave Nick a hard time via the initial deuce battles. But a lack of middle ground via the finishing let himself down. We wish Ferreira good luck in the future. While Nick will face Frenchman Ugo Humbert in the 3rd round. With night 1 approaching its end at Melbourne Park.

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