Tennis Australia News, 2021 Australian Open 1st Quarter Final Men’s Singles Game: Novak Djokovic v Alexander Zverev

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Alexander Zverev fired off to a great start ahead of Novak Djokovic. With a healthy lead 5-3. Although Novak fired back to catch up during the 2nd half run of play.

The first stage portion went into a tiebreaker. Despite the stalled progress there from Zverev. He won this mini overtime 8-6 to close Novak out with the 1st set. As the German leads here 1-0.

But Novak able to from the 2nd half of Stage 1. When the Serbian pulled off an easy start to touch the halfway mark 1st 3-0. Before it was too easy to tie with Zverev for the overall lead 1-1. As Djokovic takes out the Stage 2 win 6-2. With both men trying to vie for the semi-final spot.

Stage 3 saw Zverev jump back ahead of Novak with the lead. At least in the 1st half. And despite frustration from Novak with whacking his tennis racket. The Serbian bounced back out of nowhere having tied 4-4. Before the World No.1 pipped Zverev for the Stage 3 win 6-4.

Novak still lacking the feel as always in the 1st run. When Zverev at the same time was out in front 3-0. With just another stage win needed from the German to stay alive. He almost sinked Novak at 6-5.

But Novak held him short 6-6 going into a mini overtime. With one way or another we will really know who will end up winning this game. Both players gone through each of these tough duels 6-6. Before Novak closed Zverev out for the Stage 4 win 8-6 in the tiebreaker. Which means Novak won three stages throughout the night. As he will face Aslan Karastev from Russia in the semi-final. The final score is 6-7 (6-8 tie), 6-2, 6-4, 7-6 (8-6 tie).

Zverev unfortunately came up short in the end. Always shown great ability to fire off each set. So he can try and stay away from Novak. But mightily struggled to bridge these conversions. Where it was the one area that left him down last night.

Djokovic on the other hand might have experienced some slow fire offs. Having fell behind Zverev at least during the 1st half portion. Even at one time he whacked his tennis racket in such agony. But Novak always catches up. Where he always consistent in each of the 2nd half. Before he blew Zverev by the closest of margins.

Brilliant match played by these two superstars. But Novak is the overall winner though. Roll on Day 10 of the Australian Open.

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