Rugby Australia News, 2021 Super Rugby AU WK1: Queensland Reds v NSW Waratahs

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NSW Waratahs fired off within two minutes of the game v the Queensland Reds. When the Reds went offside with the mistake & the Tahs took advantage of the penalty. As the line up looked good before Jake Gordon scored the 1st touchdown of the night. Thanks to the assist of Izaia Perese & Jack Maddocks towards the far left side.

Waratahs however followed the Reds’ mistakes with the offside defensively. With the successful penalty goal conceded against them. When their lead was cut 4 points (3-7). And later lost the lead by one point. As the Queensland Reds are back on track. Thanks to the Jock Campbell touchdown via the James O’Connor assist. 

Not much progress has made from the Waratahs with another touchdown conceded against them. They still are not careful via the discipline. While the Reds go strength to strength going forward after they extended their lead to ten points. Thanks to Alex Mafi.

The home team were patient with the foundations before Queensland added another touchdown. Again they took advantage of the Waratahs poor playing tactics. Such as the discipline and the lack of conversion support. Which in turn gave the Reds plenty of benefit towards an easy ride home on the far left side. Reds now 24-7 ahead of Waratahs by the intial halfway mark during the first 40.

Then the Watatahs have their chance to try and make up some lost time in return. But they got their touchdown held up. Despite some progress from Jake Gordon alone. Their conversion play looked still isolated with one player carrying this workload. With the lead fallen further away from the Reds after the O’Connor penalty goal 27-7.

And the Reds lead out in front with a 20 point lead ahead of the break 27-7. The Waratahs need to turn around in an unlikely win in the last 40. The discipline remained a mess when Izaia Perese made a dangerous tackle on Hunter Paisami. And Perese unfortunately received a red card from the referee. He cannot be replaced until the Waratahs are allowed to replace him after 20 minutes. So does the finishing when there is a lack of support operators to clear this up.

So far no team have scored a touchdown after the break. Both teams have their fair share of penalties. Plus the ill-discipline and the missed chances in return. Even with 14 men from the Waratahs right now who have been productive of late. The best about them so far is the defensive play. Where they held back the Reds finishing chances and was cancelled by them.

The score though still goes to the Reds 27-7 with 25-20 minutes left on the clock. None of these sides have yet to strike a touchdown in the 1st half of the final 40. There is still missed touchdown chances left on the table. While this half was a defensive minded portion.

But the last 10 minutes went to a Reds attacking masterclass to close out the game in style. With another touchdown from Filipo Daugunu in the 71st minute. Thanks to an assist from playmaker James O’Connor. Before substitute Ilaisa Droasese wrapped up the Reds 5th and final touchdown of the night. The final score at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane goes to the Reds 41-7 Waratahs.

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