Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby AU, WK1: Top 3 players from the Queensland Reds v NSW Waratahs Game

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James O’Connor is both a playmaker and leader of the Reds cohort. Where he credits the defenders for the foundations.

It really took time for them to eat each meter from the Waratahs half. And they gave O’Connor the chance to be creative

Both mentally to find a way to break the Sky Blue half. As well as the execution to lessen his workload. So the credit is there when due. This tactic has really worked.

When they used the wide areas of the pitch. Calling names and communication is another part of his playmaking creativity. Before the execution is there.

Thanks to the assist towards Jock Campbell for the first touchdown. In which helped them put back on track. The same goes for his 2nd assist on Filipo Daugunu with ten mins left. Again James has the licence to thrill with the ball in his hand.

Dictates the play as it always should be out wide. Finds Filipo next to him with the short & quick pass. And there goes his attacking masterclass tonight in the 10 shirt. James wants to keep hammering

by attack, attack, attack every week. It will be the recipe for success this season.

Fraser McWright

He played such an all-round display in the 7 shirt for the Reds. Fraser knows how to read the Waratahs weaknesses. In which is important to limit their finishing play.

Such as taking advantage of their poor throw ins. And hold the ball up to turn over for the Reds. Fraser also knows when they lack support with one attacker alone. It is very easy for McWright to hold him down.

These attributes convey how good he contributes in the defense. Both physical and mental. As he is very capable to ruin the Waratahs from extending their lead..

Then he uses his physical build to knock one defender to the next. Attacking wise by giving himself and the Reds a chance to strike. As well as the pace to run them down through the gate. Communication is always good to find them another way.

It may not exactly be a touchdown aimed for himself. McWright is at least wanting to help the whole team. It is a job he has to guide his troops. Since Liam Wright is not here for 10 weeks due to injury. And it is evident when he assisted Filipo Daugunu earlier in the 1st 40. With the Reds are up ahead by way miles ahead by that stage.

And it remained unchanged until the very end. Might be a defensive minded game for the first two minutes. Despite the 14 men from the Waratahs. But at least the last 10 minutes changed everything. With McWright worn his absolute best for the badge. So he deserved to be in the Top 3.

Harry Johnson-Holmes

He looked after the Waratahs defense for 75 mins. Where Harry spotted the opposition mistakes. With the reading there to help the Reds loss the ball. And a very strong build to form these walls.

When the Waratahs have their turn with the ball. After the Reds unable to cope with the discipline as soon as the game began. His defensive work was the catalyst on giving his attack a chance.

You already saw how Tom Horton sorted the throw-in. And Harry joining in the maul to push it forward. Where his attacking instincts held the Reds up. While Horton still has the ball. Before giving Jake Gordon the finishing he needs. With the support of Jack Maddocks & Izaia Perese.

But unfortunately the backs poor finishing & ill discipline cost his hard work. As well as giving himself and his forwards a hard time alone. Where in the end a few Reds defenders can hold them back. And the ref hands the ball over. There is also disjointed talk between the two areas.

The only thing the Waratahs are good tonight is the foundations. And defensive minded play. Where the Reds have a few missed touchdowns left on the table. It can surely be a good thing for DJH that reflects his defensive attributes. But only this part alone for the whole time.

Harry needs his backline to perform better next week. A defensive only team with seven to eight men trying to stop the Reds from scoring. As the foundations built by Harry & his defenders. While the backline not matching the opposition attack will cost you games. That is one thing they will need to give him credit when due. They should listen and thank him for later. But not tonight though after the big loss.

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