Tennis Australia News, 2021 Australian Open Women’s Singles Final: Jennifer Brady v Naomi Osaka

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Naomi Osaka and Jennifer Brady had a competitive duel to fire off the Women’s Singles Final of the Australian Open. Brady registered a point having won some break points against her. But Osaka got into the initial halfway mark first 3-1. Brady began to fight back though to halt the opposition 2nd half run. When she tied the lead with Osaka 3-3.

Brady lacked the consistency however after a steady start where she lost the first stage to Osaka 6-4. She had a few opportunities with the advantage having won the deuces. But just unable to get past the patience needed to lock out Osaka. As the 3rd seed from Japan enjoyed an easy ride en route towards the stage 1 win. Naomi only needed one more stage that will help win this championship.

The first start of Stage 2 was too easy from Osaka who pulled off an easy lead 3-0 off Brady. While the 25 year old from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania still unable to find the feel. With the inconsistent 2nd half of Stage 1 carried on here. Brady is three points away from being eliminated. And in reverse from Osaka from almost reaching the finish line. With an unlikely stage two win is her only hope.

From 4-4 during stage 1 by both players to 4-0 in stage 2 puts Osaka in a great position. Brady though finally found the middle ground to put two points back. Having overcame a series of deuce battles. Where Brady began to derail Osaka’s hopes of the championship one by one. Even it means two points behind in this stage. She was almost there to close out Osaka by a point 3-4.

But Brady felt so frustrated with the missed chances to try & make Osaka hard to reach the ball. When she lost back a point 3-5. As Brady is on thin ice to retain her bid to win an unlikely route for the title. Once again Brady is not giving up just yet. She did hold back Osaka with the close reach towards the finish line at the 1st attempt.

Before Osaka held off Brady in the end for the Stage 2 win & Women’s Singles title. Final score is 4-6, 3-6 done in 1 hr & 18 mins.

Jennifer Brady has the ability to build up the foundations needed to keep an eye on Osaka. Plus the fightback needed during late in the 2nd set. Even in a tough situation during the deuces. So she can hold the 3rd seed from Japan back. It is a great sign of never giving up as she wanted this trophy badly. But Brady was unfortunately stalled in the 2nd half of Stage 1. As well as the earlier parts of Stage 2. When the missed chances to execute in return forced to settle as runner-up. Not her night but we wish her good luck.

And Naomi Osaka was outstanding who was side by side with Brady at the start. Then she dominated the last half of the 1st set to lock Brady out. The momentum was there for a while when Osaka continued a healthy lead after the break. Although Osaka began to see some close competition from Brady. Having lost some points that began to delay her title hunt at the first attempt. But Osaka noticed her fightback with the weaknesses she identified. In which Osaka able to stop Brady from closing the lead. Before she just crossed the finish line first with another title on her hands.

What a match. What a night it has been from Rod Laver Arena. 

We cannot wait for Novak Djokovic v Daniil Medvedev for the Men’s Singles final tomorrow.

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