Tennis Australia News, 2021 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final: Novak Djokovic v Daniil Medvedev

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Novak Djokovic fired off with an easy serve where he first built a 1st half lead 3-0. Daniil Medvedev began to fight back with the next run 3-1. After he fell behind as soon as the game started. The momentum has swapped places this time when Medvedev another point. While Djokovic struggled with the feel that began to miss valuable points.

Medvedev managed to catch up a slow start to tie with Djokovic 3-3 for the stage 1 lead. It has been a hard fought battle between the two finalists. Djokovic nearly reached the 1st set win at the first attempt 5-4. But Medvedev is not done yet with the continued resurgence in this half 5-5. Before Djokovic just closed Medvedev out for the Stage 1 win 7-5. There is some fightback from the Russian to try and save this game. But not enough though.

Both players bounced back and forth with a great battle as Djokovic won the 1st half of Stage 2. With Medvedev struggled again to push on his early start as it was from the 1st set. Before the Serbian able to bridge a productive 2nd half play. As Djokovic wins Stage 2 6-2.

Medvedev unable to find the middle ground to get himself ahead of Djokovic. Where his 1st & 2nd half runs are lopsided throughout this stage. He even felt frustrated in agony by whacking his racket. The Russian is 2-0 down for the overall lead. With Medvedev needed to find a corner somewhere to keep himself in contention. Or else it could be game over as Djokovic is one stage away from the title.

1 1/2 hours into this game Djokovic continued to extend his lead ahead of Medvedev 3-0. Again another productive next half of play from the Serbian. With three points needed to reach the finish line first. Medvedev began to fight back once more for lost time. As the Russian wanted to win Stage 3 badly for the game to continue.

The 2nd half momentum began to finally put the puzzles together by Medvedev. When he gained two points as of late in Stage 3 off Djokovic. But the Serbian however is already miles ahead 5-2. With just one point away from the title. Before he pulled off in the end via the championship point immunity that sealed his ultimate prize.

The Final score was done in one hour and 53 minutes at 7-5, 6-2, 6-2.

Commiserations from the 4th seed in Daniil Medvedev. He may have started off somewhat behind Novak. His 2nd half runs began to work and almost derailed the opposition’s progress for the 1st set win. The same goes for a little bit during the 3rd set having lost the 1st half of play 3-0. But Medvedev unfortunately rushed without the foundations set by Djokovic. And it really frustrated him for the whole night. He had a great run though before the big final. Not the night he wanted to settle 2nd but we wish Daniil the best of luck.

And congratulations to Novak Djokovic with the big win tonight at Rod Laver Arena. He got the foundations right to build a healthy lead. It was there when Novak won the 1st half of play very easily 3-0. Before he was able to bridge a balanced productive run for the whole night in the office. That reflects his natural game as a top quality player. Even so in the elite group of grand slam champions.

Novak Djokovic is your winner in the Men’s Singles Final.

It has been two weeks of Australian Open Tennis from Melbourne Park. We cannot wait for 2022.

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