Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby AU: Brumbies v Waratahs Game Report

by Sports Benches

The Brumbies made errors straightaway as soon as the game started. When fly-half Noah Lolesio fumbled the ball. Then another blow against them with the offside. As the Waratahs fired off with the Will Harrison penalty goal after 3 mins.

But Brumbies bounced back with the mistimed Waratahs pass. Where the scrum was wrong from the away team’s end. Capitalised on the penalty this time for the big score. Throw in & Maul looked good to stay square. With Rob Valentini became the 1st recipient to put the Brumbies in front. Score line is 7-3.

And again the home side continued to dominate in the attack. They break through past the halfway line. Might have held short at the first attempt towards the 22 meter line. But Brumbies found a way on the far left that secured a 2nd touchdown. Thanks to Mack Hansen in the 12th min who plays as left winger.

Away side from the men in sky blue struggled to find a breakthrough. Having lost the ball. Once again the Brumbies was patient to get the job done. Scrum was not good to see Brumbies win the penalty. Sorted out the maul where Noah Lolesio pushed it square. As the fly-half captured their third touchdown tonight.

Waratahs at last found their first big score v the Brumbies defense. The forwards scrambled in to pressure the opposite end for the offside penalty. Used the kick for the throw in. Before this department able to add another strength in return. That is the touchdown to take these valuable points. Harry Johnson-Holmes puts the Waratahs back in contention 10-19. With 10 minutes left before the half time break.

But it is the Brumbies up in a comfortable lead 26-10 by 16 points. Tahs continued to make ill-discipline mistakes. And missed chances to make up conversions sooner for the big points. As the home team earned an extra touchdown. There is excellent all-round work from Connal McInerney. He set up the throw-in & maul before McInerney got over the line first.

The home team continued to attack immediately after the break. The kick out was good from Tom Banks to chase the ball. Tahs might have held them short but lack support to restart their end. Where Nic White won the scrum & free kick immunity. Before sorted out the TRY himself that saw the Brumbies extend their lead. It is 33-10 after 43 minutes.

Nothing much progress flipped in a positive light from the Tahs. There is still ill-discipline counted against them with lost penalties. Despite a great defense to stop the Brumbies attack at times. But being caught by the referee for the wrong reasons. It does not help much when Mack Hansen scored the double touchdown. Brumbies 40-10 after 56 mins. Followed by another touchdown from Lachlan Longeran in the 63rd min.

Waratahs did make some effort in the attack. Where they won some penalties as of late. But still isolated on the attack in contary to the Brumbies. With the hat-trick touchdown from Mack Hansen. As the home team lead by 44 points, 54-10.

And the same finishing problems continued to haunt the Tahs. When Jack Maddocks unable to find support despite stopping Tom Banks. Before Banks got his forwards unit to assist the pass. Using the wide areas that set up for the touchdown from Tom Banks. Brumbies ended up with a very easy 51 point difference by full-time. The final scoreline here is 61-10.

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