Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby AU: Top 3 players from the Brumbies v Waratahs Game

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All applause goes to Mack Hansen on the left wing for the Brumbies. Three tries throughout tonight from the young man.

He is blessed with the support given from the players around him. When the Waratahs unable to get their executions right. As well as the lost penalties against them. Credit from the forwards who formed decent blocks to protect their end.

These guys have given every chance what Mack offered in the final third. Not just the forwards doing their fair share with forming a few phases. You also see his fellow backline playing close to him. There is a couple of hand ups going to complete these conversions. And later on distance themselves from the Tahs by lots of miles.

Like Irae Simone in the centres who has lots of pace like Mack. Irae was given the ball by Nic White. Before he found Mack on the far left side at the right time. With some clean space to help himself unleash that finishing attributes. Goes to show how this squad got the best out of him.

Same as any other attacker who has the set piece assist ability. Especially when Noah Lolesio found Mack earlier on in the 1st 40. And Len Ikitau with the little cut kick to help Mack chase that ball first. He exactly got what he wanted to celebrate a hat-trick try tonight. All due to the Tahs mistakes which in turn became the Brumbies attacking masterclass. With Mack hoping to repeat the same trick every week. Not just for the Brumbies but also potentially for the Wallabies as well.

Caderyn Neville

Another Brumbies star who done well tonight is Caderyn Neville. Where he plays in the second row/lock role at No.5 shirt.

He did a great job having the ball feed right from the throw-ins. Having kept it safe inside to keep the driving maul going straight/square. So Caderyn is focused on pushing through while looking at the Tahs weakness. In which he executed it well with the support needed to move ahead.

Not just joining in the maul as one aspect of his attacking outlet. He can also set up these phases to eat each meter from the Waratahs end. While giving these attackers a chance to unleash their paces in the final third. As well as quick balls that justified the Brumbies big score in the end.

And as usual in the defense alongside his fellow forwards pack. With his tall and physical build a great asset to grasp in both ways. Such as the reading to make the Waratahs lose the ball. When the opposition player or two went so isolated alone. Before Neville able to hold down these blocks physically that help win balls.

Neville in the end is a key player in the Brumbies dressing room. Especially with his vast experience. Where Caderyn can be that example to help these youngsters follow his lead. And having signed a two year extension last year. It looks like he is here to help the Brumbies create more moments. Like the one tonight. As well as many more during his new contract. It includes winning the championship again.

Carlo Tizzano

Very sorry from the Waratahs tonight when they were beaten so easily. But it is between Jack Maddocks or Carlo Tizzano for the best player award alone. The forwards have done the work mostly in defense. Where one of their members got the touchdown in Harry Johnson-Holmes.

But for the majority the Tahs looked lost in the attack. With little hands up to find support needed. So they can at least match the attack that the Brumbies set up tonight. As there is little resemblance from their half that saw a few missed tries here.

I would say Carlo Tizzano over Jack Maddocks. Maddocks may have worked hard with the running alone & can defend on the spot. But he was part of a misfiring backline. Tizzano looked after the forward pack who at least put up a fight v the Brumbies. Just exactly what he did last week v Queensland Reds on his debut.

Roz Kelly asked a great question during the post-game show. When fill-in skipper Alex Newsome trying to give some positives. With Tizzano worked hard all game. He has that physical stature to stuff the Brumbies attack. Alongside the reading on areas where they struggled.

That is one plus given by the new openside flanker. Another part of Tizzano is his attacking contribution. As usual he can dig in the attack with a pack of muscle. In a way to eat the Brumbies territory. Plus the running to get around these passes. But again it is the misfiring backline bar Will Harrison looks out of touch. And Tahs would still be in the fight if their backline was different. In which would see Tizzano form a new cohort of the Tahs blueprint. He has merited this alone. But needs the backline to do something better in order to win games.

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