Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby AU WK3: Waratahs v Force Game Talk

by Sports Benches

It was such a thrilling game to watch last night. When the Waratahs fired off with the touchdown from Dave Porecki. Where he displaced Tom Horton as the 1st choice hooker. Did not take that long for the Tahs to put a more experienced figure. Having showed plenty of impact immediately.

That forward pack from the home side with the way they set out. Not just taking advantage of the Western Force slow start. When there are lost penalties hit against them. And the Tahs able to get ahead in the first 20 mins. Thanks to two penalty goals from No.10 Will Harrison.

But last 20 mins during the 1st 40 saw the Tahs began to drop the momentum. This time they cop the ill-discipline. As well as the backline continue to lose these conversions. Where the Force bounced back. Credit to their patient run going forward. You see the lovely inside pass from Jeremy Thrush. Before he lets Tim Anstee run through the gate. And able to find Fergus Lee-Warner for the TRY.

Then the Tahs momentum hit rock bottom with no signs of turnaround. It was the same old during the 2nd run of the first 40. When the Force added another big score. Thanks to successful throw-in via the penalty. And Tim Anstee this time teared the Tahs wall apart through a brilliant maul. Having seen the Force take over the lead by 4 points with 25 mins left.

Although, the Force was spun around when they played with 14 men. It was down to sub Andrew Ready who clashed physically with Tom Horton. Ready unfortunately retaliated so he had to be red carded. As the Tahs able to capitalize a bit with the penalty goal. So the Tahs eat the Force lead by just 1 point (16-17).

The only thing the Tahs unable to connect is a misfiring backline. Where these missed potential tries ultimately hurt them. Saw another lost penalty that leaked three points between the sticks.

And Tahs might have the last chance during the final siren. Even though Triston Reilly had the chance to cap off towards the far right. Just unable to unlock in the end. With the Force narrowly closed the Tahs out for their breakthrough win.

The final score is Waratahs 16-20 Western Force. One game done now in Week 3. With another big game to look forward tonight for the Brumbies v Rebels.

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