Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby AU WK3: Top 3 players from the Brumbies v Rebels Game

by Sports Benches

Got to give the guy who produced the winning moment. His name is Ryan Lonergan who plays for the Brumbies.

He might not be the starting half-back behind Nic White. But came in with less than 20 minutes left. As the Brumbies neck in neck with Rebels at the time.

Ryan immediately made an impact going forward. As seen with the Rebels disjointed conversions. Which does lead to ill-discipline & lost penalties. He was incredibly patient. Having noticed the Rebels poor blocks. Chucked the inside ball towards Tom Banks. And Tom crack the Rebels defense for the touchdown.

Not just Ryan possessing a strong attacking mindset. He can also make up the kicking. Where the conversion was there with a couple of mins left. Then again after Richard Hardwick left his feet for the Rebels. Fortunately the Brumbies were a touch above them in the attacking area. It gave him one last chance to kick this penalty goal from long range. Before he nailed it that sealed a close win. Bravo to Ryan for his super performance tonight.

Noah Lolesio

All praises on the assist king who gave the Brumbies hope. That is Noah Lolesio who plays at fly-half. His role is to not just kick between the sticks. But also look to crack the opposition defense as the playmaker.

Noah assisted pretty much most of the first few touchdowns. When the Brumbies was patient going forward. After the Rebels copped the discipline mistake.

That is one weaknesses Rebels suffered through a lack of finishing. And captialized their mistakes. With the line-out successful through the maul. Before Nic White found Lolesio on the left hand side. Where the playmaker himself made a great decision that added points. It was a inside ball to Len Ikitau for the 1st TRY.

Another good example is helping the forwards a hand. Just like how he let them build the attack. Having spotted the Rebels poor choices. Then see Nic White help Noah dictate the ball. Same goes in the maul after the Brumbies won the penalty. And Lolesio using the physical trait to push Lachlan Lonergan on the run home. With James Hanson collapsed the maul that handed a penalty TRY. It goes to show his big contribution as the starting fly-half. Well done to Noah.

Marika Koroibete

He was really active in the last 40 for the Rebels tonight. Where he unleashed the pace on all areas. Having been able to crack the Brumbies defense one by one.

There was not a lot of ball supplied to him during the first half. Especially when the Rebels able to build a big defense. And spot the Brumbies discipline mistakes.

Not just the attacking edge Marika can offer in the final third. The reading was there when the Brumbies copped the discipline on occasions. And can do the same defensively. Thanks to his robust physical stature to support the defense.

But just not enough decoy runners though to help the Rebels make up tries. And it is one trait that really hurt Koroibete in the end. Not much talk up or rushed through it to assist his efforts. That will be the one weakness needed to support him. When the Rebels v Force in Perth on Friday.

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