Rugby News Australia, 2021 Super Rugby AU Week 7: Top 3 players from the Waratahs v Brumbies Game

by Sports Benches

Tom Banks was really outstanding tonight at full-back for the Brumbies. He has really rapid pace going forward. That is a big warning sign to any opposition defender. In which haunted the Waratahs.

Especially at the beginning of this match up. When his side was given the ball on hand. He was part of their attacking setup that needed to process. The communication is there with the solutions needed to get past them. And it allowed Banks to be part of that passage of play.

Once someone like Noah Lolesio or his backline runners pass onto him. Tom pretty much has full control. Knowing where the Waratahs unable to capture him. And it is really good teamwork after he touched down. That benefited the Brumbies in picking up points. And stay ahead. Despite a messy run in the 2nd 40.

Noah Lolesio

As said just after the Tom Banks report card at No.1. Brumbies still held on with the win. Even though they gave so many penalties away. In which the defensive part was left exposed by the Waratahs.

But you cannot undermine the Brumbies attacking unit. When you have one of their star 1st five-eighths on display. It is Noah Lolesio who assisted most of their touchdowns. Credit to the patience needed to get around the opposition half.

Especially when the Brumbies have the ball. That means they got ample time to put themselves ahead. And Lolesio was there to direct where they wanted to go. It allowed him to open some space through the channels. Where his attackers managed escape to the Waratahs danger zone. Before they upped the momentum early after a few big point touches. Then stay there that fended them off so close.

Jake Gordon

He is so influential after coming back from injury sustained in Week 1. Got the ball rolling at last to target the Brumbies defense. In which was clear that helped them win penalties. Especially with the ball in hand as given by the referee.

The credit comes from the Tahs defense who followed his demands. Read a couple of the Brumbies players being isolated on the spot. And it allowed Gordon to find paths to chase them down. That was successfully converted into points this time. In which helped stay in contention.

Although he would be gutted not to see themselves going into overtime. But Jake gave every reason to frustrate the Brumbies. With himself as the tribal chief in this Waratahs rebuilding phase. After a really difficult past week. When Rob Penney was sacked as head coach. There are still some weaknesses to work on such as the consistency to fire up. As the Tahs have something to offer. Just like the much improved run at home tonight. That their fans would almost feel like winning.

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