Australian Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby AU Week 8: Top 3 players from the Reds v Brumbies Game

by Sports Benches

Jordan Petaia played an outstanding run tonight for the Reds. Especially during the 2nd 40. In which benefitted this comeback that haunted the Brumbies in the end. He is a valuable pacey player. Whether it is on the wing, midfield or even at full-back.

He can make up the defensive contributions. When the Brumbies had one player running through. It allowed Petaia to read their lack of support runners. And drag them out into touch with the tackle. It really gave the Reds to settle defensively in the first 40. While the attack were not speeding up earlier on.

Then in the last 20 minutes Petaia tried something different. Thanks to the inspiration from skipper James O’Connor via the cross kick. So he went with the 50/22 strategy that granted his side a throw-in. Before the Reds were able to stay patient. Where O’Connor assisted the same thing that helped Petaia cap off really special. This is really good communication. Which is a relief to go from behind & dismantle the Brumbies.

James O’Connor

Another player who was behind the Reds comeback is James O’Connor. He is the skipper who plays at No.10 role. The start may not go against his way. Where the Reds were disjointed on occasions. But he was blessed with the defensive setup. In which helped JOC grab the safe route via a series of penalty goals. The Reds were nine points (6-15) behind at the break.

Then he finally found a trick to help the Reds grab their first big score. When he crossed kick towards the wide left. Saw Josh Flook pick up the pieces from the midfield. And easily made his way to the touch zone. Before he brought up Jordan Petaia with his creative brains. Such as the 50/22 kick into touch. Then followed up with the same attacking finish via the cross kick. And that saw Petaia execute this brilliant masterclass with the TRY.

In which is sensational to close out tonight on a high. Where JOC capped off another few successful kicks into the goal. Thanks to the Reds defensive setup who looked after it well all game. Saw them dissect the Brumbies poor areas in defense that lost them penalties. As it gave the Reds plenty of time to catch up towards the final siren. He is a very important player with lots of creativity. Reds need him badly not just to help them win Super Rugby AU. But also give them an extended run against the New Zealand sides too.

Folau Faingaa

He played well in the starting hooker role for ACT Brumbies. Fired off well with their attacking setup. Which exposed the Reds slow start. Such as the winning penalties on hand. And it allowed him to take control of the ball. It led to his side move ahead early. Especially when Faingaa used the maul to touch one down himself.

That allowed his backline to pay back what he built on. They dissected the Reds impatient finishing & foul play. With Faingaa in there alongside his forwards to build some blocks. Before Brumbies pushed each meter into the opposition territory. As seen with the maximum of points gained ahead of half-time at 6-15.

Although the Brumbies tried to fend off Queensland. But it is the ill-discipline that let Faingaa down. Their 2nd 40 run was not the same as the 1st half. They did not attack a lot. Instead the momentum turned around against their way. And it is something the Brumbies need to shave off ASAP. Especially when they are most penalised team so far this season. They have the Rebels next Sunday. And maybe again in the Qualifying Final. So they better give Faingaa more attacking chances. Before it is too late in the Final.

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