England’s back-to-back last minute tries just wasn’t enough to derail the Wallabies’ brilliant night with the close loss in Perth

by Sports Benches

It was a really close game to watch that began our new International Rugby season from last night with the first of three Wallabies v England test matches at Optus Stadium in Perth. Both sides went up and down on the pitch through a series of three-point goals between the sticks at 6-6 in the first half. Although England fought back on occasions including two last-minute tries, but it’s the Wallabies who dominated the entire 2nd-half thanks to a few new faces off the bench with a 30-28 win.

So unlucky for England where they fell just short in the end but great game & effort though – especially in the last two minutes of this 1st Test. They fired off really well off the back through a couple of early penalties where England nailed two three-point penalty goals in the 1st half. The fightback is shown there when England later opened their scoring account in the 2nd half. However, a couple of lost penalties and also limited opportunities against the ball isolated the English defense with loads of pressure before it was too late to catch up towards a very small chance of winning v Wallabies.

Speaking of the Wallabies, what a way to go 1-0 up with two Test matches left in a bid to wrap up the Cook Cup series early next Saturday at Suncorp Stadium (Brisbane). Their first half run was all over the place when we saw a messy passage of play going forward off the back of winning penalties/opportunities with the ball, as well as Tom Banks’s forearm injury & Darcy Swain’s red card. Luckily, they fought back right before the break at 6-6 before a few changes off the bench & an improved attacking setup with patience oversaw three straight tries in the 2nd half that changed everything on the up for Australia. Yes, they may have conceded two late tries in the last minute or two by England but it’s still a win nonetheless.

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