Rugby News, Top 3 players from the 1st Test between Wallabies v England in Perth

by Sports Benches

Samu Kerevi has never looked out of place since he returned to the Wallabies set-up a year ago, even though he currently plies his trade over in Japan for the first few months of the year. His physicality has definitely plowed over the England defense last night – especially in the 2nd half where Kerevi passes, pushes and smashes through so he can call his men to get the job done for him. It’s exactly how the Wallabies took advantage of a tied 1st half spell with England when they rectified their messy passage of play with patience, before these support numbers became more involved going forward made Kerevi’s life easier to execute which led to TRY after TRY, so England can’t catch them with little time remaining.

Next up is Folau Faingaa who made an instant impact off the bench in the 2nd half for Dave Porecki as hooker. He’s destructive as usual at line-out time when Faingaa kept the ball under wraps via the maul before his team-mates him figure out where to go with a bit of space & off he goes to extend the Wallabies winning margin. Speaking of communication, he also kept a great eye as support cover going forward to make sure the Wallabies are on the right track. And can we say that Perth can claim his own now? It’s because he just signed a two-year deal with the Western Force beginning next season. I’m sure a lot of Perth youngsters will look up to him after his amazing spell last night.

And Freddie Steward did well to push as he possibly can for England with very little time remaining at full-back. He’s got youth by his side at age 21 alongside an abundance of pace where he created two late TRY-scoring opportunities off the back of his attacking mindset. We saw him land the TRY assist to Henry Arundell on the far-left short side; A minute later, the ball came to him once again & found another gap where he called Jack Van Poortvilet for his help to finish it off for him that secured another late TRY. Sadly, it was too little, too late when England couldn’t stop the Wallabies in their tracks & fight them back more often like their last minute rebound.

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