Rugby News, NSW Waratahs win yet again for the fourth straight time after a brilliant display v Fijian Drua at Allianz Stadium Sports Benches

Rugby News, NSW Waratahs win yet again for the fourth straight time after a brilliant display v Fijian Drua at Allianz Stadium

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Fijian Drua opened the scoring account first with the three-point penalty goal & then the same again, while the Waratahs got away by overtaking them twice alongside these two tries where they just extended their lead after the 2nd big score at half-time, 13-6. Later on, the Tahs continued to score a few more tries in order to stay ahead. On the other hand, Drua at last improved their play with back-to-back tries. But then there’s only winner to settle and that is the Waratahs where they responded to Drua’s fightback well before they got away with a comfortable win in front of their home supporters. The final score over in Moore Park was 32-18.

Commiserations to the Fijian Drua with their hard-fought loss tonight, even though they’ve done well at times with a great vibe amongst the Fijian supporters out there watching in-person. Their defense & the way they control possession with the ball wasn’t bad where they won a few penalties/turnovers, as well as back-to-back three-point penalty goals earlier on before Drua managed to fight back with back-to-back tries in the 2nd half. But the only key weakness they couldn’t overcome was the Waratahs defensive blocks where they gave them a really hard time before Drua were being punished in return along the way before it was just too much to keep up towards the end – that’s all. It doesn’t mean that their bid to the Finals is over though with back-to-back home games ahead v Moana Pasifika next Saturday & QLD Reds in two weeks time.

And how good it was to see the Tahs win another game yet again for the fourth time in a row, having won the last three at home including the Reds away in Townsville. Their defense has been outstanding where they held the Drua’s conversion play accountable before they cashed in with back-to-back tries through a good lead ahead of the break. Then they managed to extend their lead along the way thanks to their amazing attacking momentum & patience. Now the Drua may have fought back at times, but the home side stayed ahead with another few tries before the job was well & truly done towards the home run first. Great timing to have the strongest side back together in time for the Finals soon. For now, they hope to win another upset v Crusaders this time on in Christchurch next Saturday arvo just like last year at Leichhardt Oval.

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