Top 3 players from the Waratahs v Fijian Drua Game in Round 13 of the 2023 Super Rugby Season at Allianz Stadium Sports Benches

Top 3 players from the Waratahs v Fijian Drua Game in Round 13 of the 2023 Super Rugby Season at Allianz Stadium

by Sports Benches

Hats off to Max Jorgensen who led the Waratahs backline well at No.15 (full-back). Love how he can do all sorts of things that helped his side steer clear above Fijian Drua such as his defensive contribution thanks to the help from his robust forwards line, as well as the passing, kicking to clear out, pace & TRY assists going forward. It goes to show he can make such a big impact right away after making his Super Rugby debut 11-12 weeks ago & also straight out of High School at the same Allianz Stadium in Moore Park. He never stops working hard from start to finish & that is something he wants to keep on improving every week, as he can’t wait to get tested now v the champs Crusaders next Saturday in NZ.

Next up is 2nd half superman for the Waratahs Joey Walton on the inside midfield role at No.12. He too has made such a big impact that helped complete his side’s attack in order to stay ahead of the Fijian Drua who doesn’t give the Waratahs an easy run. Every time he has the ball, he boasts some blistering pace as well as some brilliant passing through the channels where the support players around him were able to get the job done with a few tries on the board. Such a dynamic player to watch, especially when he made that successful 50/22 line-out kick before they converted that into a match-winning TRY. He’s still got a lot to offer after tough times with injury at 22.

And Joseva Tamani did so well on the blindside for Fijian Drua at No.6  He did everything possible in order to keep his side in contention, having helped Drua win a few penalties including 2 x three-point goals earlier in the 1st 40 before he tested the Waratahs blocks well later on that led to a TRY assist & a TRY for himself. You can’t underestimate his natural game where he has greater vision thanks to the tall frame, as well as the physicality in order to plow himself over the line. Sadly, the Drua just couldn’t overcome the Tahs robust defense despite winning possession, as they just couldn’t keep it up under pressure with the loss.

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