Storm Hunter has stood tall from start to finish in a three-set win during the 2nd Round v Germany’s Laura Siegemund

by Sports Benches

Here’s another terrific amongst Aussies at the Australian Open on Day 4 earlier today and shoutout to 29-year-old Qualifier Storm Hunter who eliminated Germany’s Laura Siegemund in the toughest of challenges over at John Cain Arena. They both had great starts & restarts with Hunter having the early lead while Siegemund is great when it comes to the rebound. However, it can only be one winner & Hunter has answered Australia’s United Cup semi-final defeat with her grand slam singles win against one of the lead-up title winning opponents out of a three-set contest (4-6, 6-3 & 3-6). 

She’s normally the best in the world when it comes to the doubles circuit, but looks like Hunter is making waves here as well as a singles player in front of her home crowd. This is the first time she will be playing in the third round at a grand slam after making the 2nd round last year at Ronald Garros in Paris. As said, she had some tough duels against Siegemund, whom she faced recently a few weeks ago at the United Cup semi-final in a losing mixed doubles effort with Matt Ebden. But this time Hunter is the one that stood tall one-on-one along the way where the early lead and the patience needed to get the job done has gave many reasons why she is not going to back down without a fight – how good! Now she will take on 9th seed & 2021 French Open winner Barbora Krejcikova from Czech Republic for the 3R. And fair play to Siegemund with a brilliant effort on the court where she gave Hunter a hard time at times to try and stop her in its tracks. She gave herself the chance to get the job done following the 2nd stage win but couldn’t do so against the resistance of Hunter’s final set performance under pressure towards the end there with the loss. She might be a great team player but the German only made the Quarter-Final once at the 2020 US Open, so that is something she will need to work on & bounce back better next time.

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