2023-24 FIH Pro League, Huge day last night with the Hockeyroos def. USA comfortably 4-0 while Kookaburras got away v India unscathed in a high scoring victory 4-6

by Sports Benches

Here’s another team performance all around by the Hockeyroos thanks to a 4-0 win v USA early in the afternoon over in India. They too have been brilliant both in defense and most importantly also up front in attack. Alice Arnott controlled well inside the circle en route with the opening strike earlier on followed by back-to-back goals by Maddison Brooks & Rebecca Greiner to make it 3-0 at half-time. Claire Colwill helped extend the Kookaburra’s winning score to four off the back of a penalty corner late in the 3rd quarter while things were quiet in the 2nd half. They did well to stop USA though in its tracks despite some good opposition work by the goalkeeper as well as some attacking effort against their own territory, having seen them leave without a goal as the clock ticks down in the end 4-0.

Then we saw such a close high scoring game between India and the Kookaburras later on at midnight our time. Forward Blake Govers absolutely bagged two quick goals off Aran Zalewski for the Kookaburras just inside two minutes into the match before India dominated most of the first half thanks to skipper Harmanpreet Singh off penalty corners going into half-time 4-2. So a few ill-discipline here & there has gave them the upper hand but the game isn’t over yet. As the game goes on, the Kookaburras found the net again after a predominantly quiet 3rd quarter that rounds off Govers’s hat-trick haul. Then they went even better in the 4th & final quarter to level India at 4-4 all before the Kookaburras can taste the winning feeling on what has been a mighty team effort 4-6 thanks to Lachlan Sharp, Jacob Anderson & Jack Welch.

Both of our men’s and women’s hockey teams sit 2nd now on their respective team ladders in the 2023-24 FIH Pro League season with the Kookaburras v Netherlands next up tonight followed by Hockeyroos v India tomorrow. 

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