2023-24 FIH Pro League, Kookburras keep on winning in India thanks to an outstanding 2nd half performance v Ireland yesterday 4-1

by Sports Benches

It might have taken a long while to get things going after a scoreless first half or first quarter but it’s still another unbeaten Kookaburras win though v Ireland again 4-1 ahead of this weekend’s last two matches of their Indian tour v the host country tomorrow followed by the Netherlands on Sunday. This game is all about the best of Irish defense v the Aussie attack where the opposition goalie (Milliken James) made a few brilliant saves here & there that gave his Ireland side the chance to put pressure onto our Kookaburras in return. However, ill-discipline & a lack of attacking fire saw the Kookburras fire back a few goals mostly off penalty corners courtesy of Jack Welch, who was a decent threat up front thanks to the dominant possession that includes the team’s fourth goal himself. So Australia’s unstoppable 2nd half performance has ended the long patience of the Irish defense at the end of the day. And shoutout to Corey Weyer at the back who is not only great in defense but can link up for his own attacking players well and can be a handy at the other end when it comes to penalty corners. Two more games to go in the hope of wrapping up their Indian leg entirely undefeated on the way back here early next week.

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